GM Yuli Romo Pisaw Knife

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  1. They're so beautiful I had to share :)


    Very limited as they are hand-made by GM Yuli in the time between when he is teaching and practicing (that's not a lot of time!).

    Quite unique aluminium trainers as I'm sure you'll agree. These pictures are a sneak preview really as he plans on making a series of 2 designs every year. Currently they are not on general sale.

    I am also pushing him to make an instructional video using the knives.

    I might be able to get him to make up an order of ten knives + for your group if anybody is interested. Please PM for further details.
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    Very nice!
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    Now I call that a knife.. Probably would look even better if your pande made operational versions of it.. Hint Hint. I like the way the handle comes around almost like the old S guard bowie knife.. I would most definitely be interested in one with either a pinute or guntining designed blade of about 7-9 inches length.. would make a good conversation piece for my people who go to the sand box and play with interesting weapons.. It might even start up a conversation here on island also.. Kamagong slabs for the handle and maybe even a clip point bowie blade out of forged carbon steel would be the first on my order
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  5. Thanks for your comments,

    Bill - great points but unfortunately here we are constrained by the law. I feel that if we are able to send "Live" blades legally from the Philippines then Maestro will make a lot of money. Technically all packages sent from the Philippines have to be inspected at the post office. Even so much as a nail clipper is not allowed for customs purposes. I have contacted all the major carriers before trying to find a solution - Fed-Ex, DHL, USPS, etc, and then will not allow live blades sent through the mail.

    That is why through my websites I concentrate on supplying the training blades only. I am aware that there are a few suppliers who send live blades from the Philippines but I have no idea how they are legally able to do this...

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