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  1. Hi All.

    Here is a list of GM Yuli's current availability for 2010.

    He is currently booked solid for the rest of 2009.

    January - Fully Booked
    February - Available
    March - Available
    April - Available
    May - Available
    June - Fully Booked
    July - Fully Booked
    August - Fully Booked
    September - Available
    October - Available
    November - Available
    December - Partially Booked.

    I will update this thread as and when.

    We also have a BZ forum (accessible for the main site) which will also update people, field questions and discuss general BZ topics.


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    It looks like he'll be busy!
  3. The latest info as I have it:

    January - Fully Booked
    February - Fully Booked
    March - Fully Booked
    April - Possibly Booked
    May - Fully Booked
    June - Fully Booked
    July - Available

    I'm going to have to update the latter half of the year over the next few months.

    My advise to anyone wishing to train with GM Yuli is to book well in advance.

    Feel free to contact me for further details.

  4. Updated:

    March - Fully booked
    April - Early / Mid Available
    May - Teaching Overseas
    June - Teaching Overseas
    July - Teaching Overseas
    August - Partially Available
    September - Available
    October - Available
    November - Partially Available
    December - Fully booked.
  5. Here is an update on the situation:

    GM Yuli Romo has had his overseas teaching contract extended so he is only here in the Philippines for limited time periods.

    He returns in the middle of November and is booked up for the rest of November.

    The only time I am sure is available at the moment is January 2011.

    February may be available before he returns to Morocco.

    We still have instructors here in Manila who will be able to train you in Bahad Zu'bu.

    Please email for further details.


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