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    [h=2]GM Rene Tongson Seminar Week in Switzerland ( /[/h] Mabuhay!

    JZMAC (Juerg Ziegler Martial Arts Centre)
    World Kombatan Community (WKC) -

    are happy and proud to announce the special

    One Week Intensive Seminar
    Classical Arnis Abaniko Tres Puntas
    with GM Rene Tongson

    in Switzerland in Wil/SG, Wintethur and Zuerich
    from August 5th until August 11th, 2013

    For furter details please send email:
    or call +41-71-925 30 60

    Best regards & Maraming Salamat
    GM Juerg Ziegler, Lakan Siyam Kombatan/Modern Arnis
    Chairman World Kombatan Community (WKC)

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