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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by havok, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. havok

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    Hello all: I am curious about the DVD's that are sold by Martial Arts Mart. They do not say that they are Kombatan, but they are all done my GM Ernesto Presas.

    Does anyone know if these are a good representation of the Kombatan system? Do they cover a lot of the curricullum, or are they just scratching the surface.

    I do not have access to face to face instruction where I live, so I am trying to get my hands on any good information about the system.

    Also, if anyone can point me towards other instructional resources, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you very much.
  2. arnisador

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    On an unrelated note, I've always liked Havok!
  3. ping413

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    DVD info please...

    Hey all, I too would be very interested in any info on "good" videos for the kombatan style of arnis. Seen the videos of Kim on You-Tube from AMAF and would love to even get some video of their warm up drills and tapi tapi drills. Take Care, Ping
  4. animal_stylez

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    I would suggest first finding any FMA system being taught near you, doesn't necessiarily have to be Kombatan, and get a good foundation in that first. Once you've got some foundation there, try the videos. If you are referring to these video's, then yes these are part of old curriculum, and just scratch the surface.

    Good luck
  5. johnzag

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    There have been 2 series of dvd's after the set in this thread which are more upto date. One set was done by GM Jan and the latest by GGM himself.
  6. ping413

    ping413 New Member

    Hey johnzag, could you post the names of these videos and where you can get them. There are no schools near me so would love to get my hands on these videos. Thanks Lots.
  7. armas

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    Here's a question for you.
    Do you have any background in the martial arts. Or even FMA.
    >the reason why I ask you is because you need to have an understanding of how the movements go. The difference is in the individual's experience in the martial arts. The Filipino martial arts in not just about imitation or copying a master. It is about rhythm, interaction, exchange of energies between two practitioners, flow and not just hand and eye coordination. It may be dangerous for a beginner to try imitating a video or learning from a video that is. But for information sake. the videos out in the market are still the curriculum techniques. There is no old or new in Kombatan. Just evolution. IN every art there is evolution.

    I hope this helps you. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. The forum is here to help guide you to your own martial arts growth.

    Like Animalstyles said, it doesn't matter what the style is. Study it. To get a good foundation. He studied gung fu and japanese arts before discovering kombatan from GM Alex France.
  8. ping413

    ping413 New Member

    Hi Armas thanks for the comments. I'm creeping up on mid life and have been involved on and off with martial arts since I was a young boy. My background is mostly in Hapkido, but I've spent some time in taekwondo and krav maga as well. I'm currently a student in a kempo school. My interest in stick fighting and FMA comes from hanging out with my brother, who lives in a different city than I do. He is a long time student of Sikaran and has some great skills. I'm happy to say I had the chance to attend a Modern Arnis clinic in a city near mine this past weekend. It was put on by Jordan Dellabough a stundent of the late Remy A. Presas and the head of CMATS in Canada. The clinic was fantastic and it was a great day spent with good people. I have to say I'm hooked and very much looking forward to the next time.
    Take care, Ping
  9. Apatride

    Apatride New Member


    I was wondering if there was any update regarding this question ?
    I am learning Kombatan in Cork with a good teacher but I am looking for videos and/or descriptions of techniques/sinawali so I can double check that I haven't misunderstood or forgotten anything before doing my daily workout.


  10. Hi, Sam. I'm currently online for another reason, but I just saw your post/query. I'm going to do a cut-&-paste from a semi-private conversation I'm currently having with several others. I think it will be of help to you. At the least it answers your question on what Kombatan instructional videos are out there. Happy hunting for the older ones I'm listing here. Get them all if you can. It's ALL GOOD stuff!. Okay, here's the cut-&-paste with some editing:

    Subject: What I mean when I say, "GGM taught me (more than what's in the curriculum)".

    What GGM taught me was what you see in the current curriculum which is also what you see in his older videos:

    (1) What I call “The Early Series” which was filmed in the Philippines. Here you'll see some of today's grandmasters in the early days when they were just starting. :)

    (2) An early, very exhaustive, stateside-produced instructional. It wasn’t by level but by subsystem, nevertheless, it was a “curriculum”. I thiink John Bruce Daniels helped produce this one as well as the next one:

    (3) The Invincible Martial Art –out of print. Grab it should you see one for sale!

    (4) The 11-volume TC Media Combative Series --Excellent quality! Did you know that GGM did this in just one take, in one day?!! TC Media spent the next several months editing it, mostly for getting the terminology right and figuring out where one subject ended and another began. These are still available; get them while they are.

    (5) The “2000 Curriculum” that Julius "forced" Jan-Jan to create. :) Prior to this, Jan-Jan, like his dad, had "the curriculum" only in his head. This is out of print although Jan-Jan may have a few copies left. Inquire with him if you're interested.

    (6) The current "official curriculm" is the DVD instructional set produced by GGM in 2007, with the assistance of GM Mike Bowers, You can order this directly from either the North American HQ or the World HQ.

    The point I want to make is that I was not taught anything that he did not also make available to everyone else. He laid down my foundation. A foundation that allowed me to continue developing myself on my own. That is the magic of GGM’s teaching. That foundation, folks, is the curriculum. LEARN THE CURRICULUM.

    The last lesson GGM personally taught me was our freestyle. He told me to study it, learn the angles, the proper responses, how to maintain the flow; and (most importantly from my viewpoint), how to end a fight at any moment. I realized that anytime our sticks met there was an opportunity for a disarm, lock, or takedown (or a quick counterstrike, which goes without saying). The same thing with emptyhand.

    When you get to this stage, “things” start to come out from you; “you start to bloom” is how GGM described it to me. And yes, things have. All these things that have come out from me is what I’m referring to when I say, “GGM taught me (more than what’s in the core curriculum)…” But you can’t get there, without first learning the curriculum. For all you newcomers, first things first, LEARN THE CURRICULUM.

    One final note on this: There is a joy in self-discovery. But stay humble. You will find, as I have, that anything good or brilliant that you’ve uncovered on your own, others have already found before you. "There is nothing new under the sun."
  11. Apatride

    Apatride New Member

    Hi Sir Alex,

    I noticed that I never thanked you for this extremely useful post.

    I will contact Jan Jan in order to get a copy of the official curriculum (probably some time next year), I am starting to understand how different Kombatan is from Japanese martial arts in its learning/teaching process but it is always good to have a point of reference.



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