GM Ernesto Presas Jr. clip

Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by lennon0131, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. lennon0131

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  2. jwinch2

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    We watched that one the other night in our training group. Nice to see a big guy who can move like that. Gives me some hope! LOL
  3. dandan

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    Very impressive!
  4. lennon0131

    lennon0131 New Member

    i had the same opportunity to be taught personally by GM Jan man he was amazing
    he moves fast and he can even kick high.
  5. johnzag

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    GM Jan is a great martial artist one of the best out there. Very freaky to watch.. was great actually being there when they shot the video at this years camp in the philippines there were some other clips worth watching of the other filipino lakans as well look out for them on youtube.
  6. There was some questioning on another forum some years ago as to whether GGM Ernesto Sr could teach left-handers. Aside from the fact that our training makes us ambidextrous, I replied that Jan-Jan, having no other teacher than his dad, was the best proof of GGM's ability to train lefties. Ernesto Jr was awesome years ago; how much more now?

    Incidentally, being a lefty myself, I once asked Jan-Jan which subsystem within Kombatan did he like the most. His reply was Mano-Mano.
  7. tswolfman

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    Why would someone think GGM Ernesto couldn't teach left handers when one of his teaches ( GM Remy) Was also a left hander?
  8. arnisador

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    Heh, I was shocked when I learned that Remy Presas was left-handed, given how he could tie me up as a righty. It was like the reverse of the situation in The Princess Bride!
  9. lennon0131

    lennon0131 New Member

    I am a lefty and my and I was taught by GM Jan Presas
    training in arnis would definitely help you to become ambidextrous

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