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    Hi All,

    Having recently returned from in the PI training with Master Val Pableo, GM Albert Sales and GM Andres "Cano" Canete, I am very proud and honoured to announce that I have been made European Representative for the Latigo sub-system of The Original Momoy Canete San Miguel Eskrima System by GM Andres T. "Cano" Canete, only son of the founder and sole inheritor of the Original Momoy Canete San Miguel Eskrima System.
    My remit includes the following:
    Create San Miguel Latigo Logo
    Update the Original Logo for the complete San Miguel System
    Create websites for both the European Latigo Organisation and for GM Cano Canete in the PI
    Create Grading syllabus and certificates
    Develop seminars/workshops across Europe and America to promote the San Miguel Latigo
    Create Seminar/Workshop certificates
    Create a book on basic Filipino Bullwhip techniques (we'll start with a booklet and see how it goes!!)
    GM Cano has grown tired of people going to train with him in the San Miguel System in the PI, and then going back to their own countries and claim they have more knowledge and authority than they in fact do. To reduce this I have been asked to control the teaching of the art of Latigo in Europe and America by becoming one of only two authorised instructors in the West (the second being my student Gareth Rodgers). I'll be putting the letter of authority on my own website ( by the weekend.
    I hope to have the authorised Logo, websites, Grading Syllabus and workshop/seminar plans in place by the start of 2008. Its a big job and will take time to build. GM Cano wants to see this element of his Fathers system flourish and hopes that by creating an organisation which promotes this element his fathers legacy will continue and that more people will come to appreciate the effort needed to control the Latigo with the benefits of improved body mechanics, timing, strength and accuracy that the training promotes.
    Thank You,
    Bill Lowery
    5th Degree Black Belt Guba Doce Pares
    1st Degree Black Belt SMEC: Latigo
    European Representative for the SMEC: Latigo
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    This and the websites will be much appreciated!
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    There's an extensive discussion about this on the Martial Arts Planet forum.


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    So from my understanding, your only authorized to teach the aspects of San Miguel Eskrima that pertain to the Latigo, right? So you trained for only three weeks, and recieved a black belt. Wow, how ironic that you mention the Nong Kano has grown tired of people going to train with him and then claiming that they are qualified to teach SM. Also, that the only other person qualified under yourself, is your student...what? I wish you the best of luck because your allegations are causing a big stir amoung those that have YEARS over you, have signed verification from all the original disciples of Nong Momoy, and who have trained with Momoy himself.

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    re: SMEC v. "SMES"

    I know I mentioned this elsewhere, but your associations are confusing to me. SMEC stands for San Miguel Eskrima Council, propogated by Edring Casio of Mactan Island. But your certificate is signed by Nong Kano as the "Inheritor of the SMES [San Miguel Eskrima System]." I know you said you visited Nong Edring of SMEC, and you trained for three weeks under Nong Kano of the "SMES", but they are from two separate identities. Although Nong Kano is the rightful heir to San Miguel [c'mon, he's the son of Momoy - a topic which deserves another thread], SMEC [a separate entity from Nong Kano] was promoting itself as heir to San Miguel Eskrima during 2006 seminars and workshops in the US. Begging the question, are you "SMES" as your certificate states, or SMEC, as your signature states on all of your chatroom signatures? This does not make any sense and is a complete contradiction. :nixweiss:

    About the three weeks of training, you also mentioned training with Val and Nong Albert. How much of your training time was with each master or grandmaster? :idea:

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