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    Grandmaster Cacoy Canete Doce Pares Escrima
    Well here is some training knowledge that I got, from a Great Man! He is an amazing Grand master

    Single baston (stick) strikes

    1. Thrust/Slash
    2. Abaniko (fan)
    3. Butt strikes (punyo)
    4. Hooking with the punta
    Double stick position of sticks (double shoulders)
    1. Open four count- begining with the right hand, strike an inward horizontal strike with your right stick, same for your left strike with your left stick to a closed position. Next backhand horizontal strike with your right, then backhand with your left. Back to an open position.
    2. Downward X strikes using the same strikes as above, Hitting down with palm down, hitting up with a palm up strike
    3. Upward X is the same way just reverse your palm positions.
    4. Double upward X strikes, moving both bastons together in an upward and downward striking motion.
    5. High-Low four counts- two high and two low
    6. High-High-Low / High-Low-High strikes
    7. Using single baston against the four count strikes
    8. Next open four count vs. closed four count
    9. Four count change using the order of your starting hand, one time start the
    with your right hand the next with your left hand.
    10. Next change shoulder postion to both sticks over your right shoulder and
    do High-High-Low / High-High-Low
    ABC's of the single baston
    #1 angle Top of head
    #2 angle Right temple
    #3 angle Left temple
    #4 angle Right uppercut to ribs
    #5 angle Left uppercut to ribs
    #6 angle Right waist line
    #7 angle Left waist line
    Bend your knee's not your body for the next to angles
    #8 angle Right knee
    #9 angle Left knee
    #10 angle Thrust to right side of face
    #11 angle Thrust to left side of face
    #12 angle thrust to stomach
    ABC Drill
    Work the ABC's together with a partner simultaneously striking each others targets.
    Defense for angles of attack 1-12
    #1 Roof block
    #2 Inward deflexion/sweep point up
    #3 Outward deflexion/sweep point up
    #4 Inward deflexion
    #5 Outward deflexion
    #6 Inward deflexion palm up
    #7 Outward defelexion palm up
    #8 Inward deflexion palm up
    #9 Outward deflexion palm up
    #10 Sweep inward right
    #11 Sweep outward left
    #12 Drop stick
    Two man drill
    1. A deliver's a #1 strike, B counter's with a rook block to #1 strike A roof block counter's the #1 and hits back with a #1
    2. Then you will proceed through the whole ABC's
    Example: A deliver's a #1 strike, B counter's with a rook block and hits a #2 strike, A counters the #2 strike and goes back to a #1 strike. Then attacks with a #2 strike. and it moves back and forth
    3. Then go to #1-#3 strike Then #1-#4 strike. So you hit-counter-hit. And always start from the #1 angle. So you hit a #1 they Roof block and deliver a #3 you counter the #3 they hit a #1 and you roof block and hit your angle #3
    There should be eight counts altogether! if your doing it right
    4. After you get this coordination down then reverse the direction Hit-your angle say a #3 then you go back to #1 angle
    I hope I have not lost you on this drill, it is very hard to describe because it flows very well back and forth.
    Does this match everyone else training!
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    Thanks for sharing this!
  3. Brock

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    You know I'm a more visually oriented person and usuallty need video or at least picture, but I think I actually followed most of this.
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    Thx for share...
    GM Cacoy is amazing!! I met him in Jakarta Indonesia last year...
  5. el maldito de cebu

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    to add some info this is just eskrima my freind. wait until you have GM cacoy's eskrido more complicated with this one. tnx for posting it here to give some info on FMA practitioner. Mabuhay ang FMA!! Viva FMA!!
  6. William

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    Cruising old threads...

    Ah, this brings back some memories!! Thanks for posting that Ben. Training with GM Cacoy was always a blast. I remember him having me tied up once and teetering on the edge of being thrown to the ground....all the while chuckling.......until he dumped me. :)


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