GM Cabales and GM Inosantio Video --Range?

Discussion in 'Serrada' started by Darrin Cook, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Darrin Cook

    Darrin Cook New Member

    In the GM Cabales and GM Inosanto video, GM Cabales seems to be quite a distance from GM Inosanto.

    Is this typical of the range of Serrada? I thought it was closer than that.

    Also, it seems to me that GM Cabales is using a stick that is shorter than the typical eskrima stick. Is that the length he preferred?

    Thanks for any answers.
  2. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    My understanding of Serrada is that they do use a shorter stick with the recommendation being from the armpit to the wrist. Hopefully someone who knows more will chime in as well. As for the range, I know that some Serrada people treat it as a relatively close range system but others such as the Inayan group, treat it as their mid-range style. Again, perhaps others with more experience can elaborate.

    Good find on the video.
  3. The Old Way Traveler

    The Old Way Traveler a sponge for knowledge

    from what i've gathered, Serrada is just the name Manong Angel named the Escrima he was teaching.. but from what i know, the system itself has corto, medio, and largo applications.. but predominantly, Serrada jumps in from medio to corto range... (that's what i've learned so far)

    as far as the stick is concerned.. i have no clue.. i heard so many stories about it, but i've seen Serrada players use 20" sticks to 28"... their comfort level i guess... i personally use 24"..

    please take my opinion as a personal observation... i am just a beginner when it comes to Serrada and their ways... if a more experienced Serrada player says that my information was incorrect.. well, i guess i was wrong.. :)

    i hope this helps...

  4. independant888

    independant888 New Member

    Hello I'm new to this site and still learning to navigate and post. Can some one post a Youtube video of defence against someone grabbing YOUR stick from front and side. Very hard to find as most vidieos are disarms against a stick.

    thank you

  5. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    About 6 months ago I had a long conversation with M Ron Saturno who was a direct student if GM Cabales. I was looking to get information on Serrada as Inayan Eskrima was one of the systems being offered close to where I was getting ready to move. I had many questions on Serrada and he was kind enough to help me out. One of the things I asked was about the length of the stick. According to what I can remember from our conversation, GM Cabales began moving to a shorter stick later in life and the system became more of a close range system during that time of transition. Many of GM Cabales' later students started using a shorter stick as well. The earlier students were still using a longer stick as that is what they were taught when they studied the art.

    It may be that you can tell the time period in which someone studied with GM Cabales based on the length of stick they use and their concept of range. However, that could be a reach on my part. I know you can do it with other teachers for sure. For example, it is relatively easy to tell what era students of Guro Dan come from based on how they move and what they choose to emphasize when they teach. Whether or not that is truly possible for Serrada I cannot say. Again, an experienced Serrada person would be better able to answer the questions at hand.
  6. Independant888,

    If somebody grabs your stick from the front / side punch them in the head :laugh:

    An elbow strike could well be better depending on the situation.

    Remember, YOU are the weapon not the stick.

    I will quite happily swap my stick if I get an elbow to the head in return.

  7. Gulogod

    Gulogod New Member

    That video proves that outsiders must not put a style into a box for ease of profiling or for convenience sake. There's always more to a style than meets the eye.
  8. equilibrium

    equilibrium Member

    Trading your weapons for an elbow

    I think maybe I have heard this before from some stick oriented systems. Would you trade your firearm or knife/sword for an elbow to the head?
  9. Bahad Zu'bu is a "people" orientated system.

    An elbow to the head is an elbow to the head ;)

    Sticks, guns, Klingon Bat'leths etc, etc will not use some of that "Fantasia" magic and jump up and hit you if the operator is busy taking, erm, an elbow to the head?

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