GM Bobby Taboada Seminar Review Raleigh, NC

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    As previously posted in another thread by GM Taboada:

    I will be there tomorow january 29 2011 for seminar at David Ng's Modern Arnis kung fu school in ralliegh NC. Starts at 10;00 am. I will see you there and have a good fun training.

    GM Bobby Taboada

    It was a very success day at david ng's seminar. I have a great time teaching them and enjoy tru the end of the day. I would like to say to everybody who attended the event, thank you all for your warm and a deep hearth support for the seminar specially to the host, master david ng and roland rivera. Thanks to my qualified assistant instructor brian corey, also with the help of jeef soriano balintawak completion. I will see you guys in july or august for the balintawak camp.
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    There was a nice crowd at the seminar Saturday. GM Taboada began the seminar sticking to the fundamentals of Balintawak - speed and power. He ran the attendees through about 30 minutes or more of drills to develop power in their strikes, using body positioning and visualizing their opponent. Several people remarked how they felt different (in a good way) when they were trying to "break the crystal ball" on their opponent's head.
    Footwork was the focus for the next session. Students practiced stepping, sliding, and shifting while maintaining a body position that doesn't sacrifice structure and power. From there, the next part of the progression was using the footwork to address multiple opponents, while still keeping a power position. Students then did a free-flow of stepping and shifting continuously for about 5 minutes.

    This was only a rough outline of the first hour or so of the seminar. Anyone else that was there please chime in with anything I am forgetting. Topics that were included during the rest of the day included disarms, live hand sensitivity, pushing and pulling the opponent, and using some basic strikes, blocks & counters to creates some basic "play".

    Everyone seemed to really enjoy the seminar, and the positive attitudes and energy of the attendees was overwhelming.
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