Ginunting for Sale!!

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    Greetings to All,

    I have a Ginunting for sale. This blade is from the Valiant Company out of Australia. ( The specs are as follows:

    Blade: 17" - 3/16" hand-forged-to-shape Spring Steel, tapered,
    sharpened & hardened.
    Handle: Buffalo horn, fine carving; brass guard and pin.
    Sheath: Ironwood, moderate carving.
    Length: 24 1/2" (in sheath).
    Weight: 600gr+; OA = 750gr.

    The condition of the blade is near excellent condition and it has never been used for any type of cutting whatsoever. My asking price is $150 dollars (shipping included) and I'll ship the item to any of the lower 48 states of the USA. Preferred method of payment will be through Paypal. If interested, please send me a PM and I'm sure that we can come to an arrangement.

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  2. Waltyr

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    Alright Guys, I'm gonna sweeten the pot just a little:

    I will also include with the purchase of the Ginunting a FREE DVD of "Sayoc Karambit" dvd featuring Tom Kier, Ray Dionaldo, and Ken Pannell. Approx running time is 1 hour and it features Ray Dionaldo explaining types of karambits, blocking with and disarming, cutting patterns, Template 1 of 12, template isolation, extended grip, and controls/disarms. The DVD is in excellent condition with original dvd case.
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    Ginuntung still for sale?

    I know this is an old post, just trying to see if it's still available.

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