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    News from Manila: GGM Ernesto Presas appears on the cover of Rapid Journal, the leading martial arts magazine in the PI. The issue just hit the stands and can be ordered directly from the publisher.

    Here is the Rapid Journal link:
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    ...with error

    [FONT=&quot]Yes. I have to add that due to some confusion by the typesetter, GGM Ernesto A. Presas Sr. was billed as Ernesto E. Presas Jr. on the issue’s cover (that would be GGM’s son Jan). [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]The article was written by original Arjuken graduate and award-winning author Jose G. Paman (Arnis Self-Defense, Random House 2007) and represents a scoop of sorts for Rapid Journal. GGM Presas Sr. stopped granting interviews to outside reporters since the 1990s because of misquotes and gross misrepresentations on his background and his method. For this reason, he has typically been left out of many popular compilation volumes listing prominent FMA teachers. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]GGM Presas Sr. has been a major driving force behind the FMA boom that started in Manila in the 1970s. He was one of the youngest practitioners, at age 24, to be recognized as an arnis grandmaster in the birthplace of the art. His art of Kombatan is one of the most widely-practiced and often-imitated Filipino fighting systems in contemporary times. Instructors of other FMA have adopted his techniques and training methods, often without acknowledging the fact. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]GGM has written seven best-selling books on arnis. His training camp, held every other year at Presas Beach in Hinigaran (and that is going on as of this writing), remains the longest-standing camp of its kind in the Philippines. He is also the only FMA teacher to continuously operate an established gymnasium in Quiapo, Manila for nearly 40 years; the Arjuken being founded in the year 1970. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Congratulations to GGM Ernesto Presas Sr., the IPMAF, and all of his followers worldwide! [/FONT]
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    [FONT=&quot]Correction: this year’s training camp in Hinigaran runs from April 19 through May 4. My earlier post should have stated that preparations are underway for the camp! [/FONT]
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    Has anyone read this article yet?
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    Yes. My cousin from Sampaloc sent me a copy as soon as the issue was released. It is a long article that has sections on the beginning days of Manila’s Martial Arts Golden Age, early background information on GGM Presas, the rise of the Arjuken at Quiapo, and important features of Kombatan and IPMAF activities to the present day.

    Someone from IPMAF HQ said they would pick up copies for distribution to the Training Camp attendees so if you know anyone who went, they should have a copy. Rapid Journal is also available directly from the publisher. I think it’s a good publication to read because it shows the other “local” side of the FMA as portrayed in the Philippines. Views and opinions there sometimes actually differ from those circulated outside the country.

    This is the Rapid Journal link:
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    Nice! I hope my intructor purchased a bunch so that I can pick one up.
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    Every person who attended the training camp in Hinigaran was given a copy of the magazine by GGM.

    Really good read.
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