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  1. Skubysnak

    Skubysnak New Member

    Anyone know where to get a nice garrote???
  2. MachoDC

    MachoDC New Member

    Garrote in San Diego

    Guro Nar Babao is in the process of ordering some flatstick/ garrote based on Villabrille's stick & are made by Ken Long. They come in basic, combat, and heirloom. The latter 2 have metal tip. I will see if I can get some contact info for you.

    Nico :)
  3. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Darell del la Cruz's parents have a wood shop in Talisay and make great bahi Garrote's. They are super heavy and diamond shapped. You can get them either with or without finger grooves. A lot of my guys use them to do sword Contradas with since they feel very similar to a blade. I am sure that GT Nene will put you in contact with him.

    If the Garrote' made by Mr. Long looks anything like the original Villabrille Garrote' the Guro Keith Wetoskey has, I would jump on it in a heartbeat! It is heavy as steel, solid black kamagong and looks like a Filipino Garrote' / Hawaiian Lua war club hybrid killing tool. If I like what I see, I will purchase one to see how it feels and if I like how it feels, I will take a dozen of them.
  4. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Here's what to look for...

    Those joint lines on the stick, the more joint lines the better(about 3-4 joint lines on an Escrima stick is good)... Those ridges going up and down from one end of the stick to the other end, the more of those and the more ridged they are the better...

    You can find them yourself in any local Martial Art shop... Just make sure you look for those ridges and joint lines...

    Or you can buy sticks at or which carry great quality sticks... As I always say, if the Dog Brothers use them, they must be good... lol
  5. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Also, check out those guava sticks at I believe the DBMA Hawai'i Clan are the ones that provides them those... What can I say? If my guys made them of course I'll endorse them...

    I got some guava sticks that I made and I gotta say, they're great to work your form with...
  6. TP,

    I think you are a bit mistaken.... The "Notches and lines" you are talking about are referred to as "nodes" an can be found on rattan.

    Nodes are one of the determining factor of strength (such as species of rattan as well) but Garotte's like these gentlemen are talking about are often made of hardwoord such as Bahi and Kamagong. These woods do not have nodes so other tests of durability (such as weight and darkness of the wood) are required.

    Here are some of the Garotte's that I have for example:

  7. MachoDC

    MachoDC New Member

    The Garrotes we're getting actually are flat with a metal tip (on the combat and heirloom version) (the basic version has no metal tip) and resemble swords more than bastons..... they are hardwood.

  8. MachoDC

    MachoDC New Member

  9. MachoDC

    MachoDC New Member

    Sorry about pic size... it changes in Photobucket, but still shows large.
  10. kyle82

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    garrote is a big blade knife right? there are modern blacksmiths somewhere around the local community... i hope that helps.. my cousin had garrote sometime last month.. i would ask and be back here soon.. byes for now

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