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    Bobbe Edmonds,a very good instructor and friend of ours is in need of back surgery as I just found out.. This is a fund raiser to help him get the funds together so he can get this done.. He is releasing private video footage from his training with Bambang Suwanda in Indonesia.. Bambang is the younger brother of the late Herman Suwanda who was the leading practitioner and instructor of Mande Muda silat.. I am announcing the release of a set of 6 dvds which outline the different systems that Bambang taught my friend. The description of the dvds is outlined in this link along with information to purchase them if interesed..

    This is a once in a life time experience to be able to buy private footage of an instructor's training with one of the more reknown and recognized Penchak Silat instructor within the southeast asian martial arts community.. I can highly endorse this product as top notch and if purchased it will be something that you can use as reference material along with learning a little more about the mystical art of Penchak silat as taught by one of the world's best instructors.. Plus your money will be going for a good cause..

    Thanks for your interest

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