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    Let me start off by saying it's nice to find that a place like this exists. I'm military and as you know military moves around a lot. So it's nice to have a place that I can link us with fellow martial artists to continue my traning.

    A little about me. As I said I'm in the military. Army to be exact. Currently deployed to Kuwait if deployment is what you want to call it. I'm an Infantry Lieutenant statioed out of Fort Benning GA. In 2006, while I was in college, I began my martial arts quest. I started off with Muay Thai, BJJ, and kicboxing. I later found that there was a Kali instructor at my gym. I knew from my first day of training that FMA was the art for me. So my disciplines are under the Inosanto lineage, but oddly enough halfway across the world I found a Filipino instructor that had been training me in Balintawak Armis.

    My goal is to bring more FMA in military fighting. I personally believe the current system is more for show than actual combat fighting.
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    Greetings from an old retired war horse..
    I have a student who is deployed to Kuwait now and he is in the army also.. I don't know what base he is situated at, but he has been with me on and off for the last 20 yrs and studied with some of my affiliated instructors in the Philippines.. I know he is looking for a training partner as the individual who he was working with just left the AO on an emergency basis.. If I can be of assistance in helping you two hook up while you are in country, please let me know.. He is deployed out of Ft Richards Alaska currently
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    Sure. I don't know of any units on my base from Alaska though. That doesn't mean I wouldn't run into him. I tend to make my way around Kuwait pretty well.

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