From the Philippines: Chief Instructor's trainor is Mr. Osias Banaag

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    August 31, 2006

    I still remember the days when I joined Sikaran. My chief instructor's name is Mr. German Patingo, and now he is a 5th degree black belt. 12 years ago, his chief instructor in Manuela (it's called Starmall today) is Mr. Osias Banaag who was then a 5th degree black belt.

    It was in the 1990's, Mr. Banaag started his little gym in Manuela, Mandaluyong City where he trained the security force of that mall. He rigidly trained them for competition and well propagate the old-time Filipino sport, Sikaran. He succeeded and his name was well-known within the ranks of Sikaranistas here in Philippines because of his students and his goal of modernizing Sikaran.

    My instructor, Mr. Patingo, told me that Mr. Banaag was a strict instructor, and he knows Sikaran in and out. He instructed his students to start their own chapters. Among the Sikaran top ranks, Mr. Banaag had the most produced chapters in the National Capital Region. I respect him because I am one of his product.

    But when I saw Mr. Banaag's website, I've seen the different side of him proclaiming himself king of Sikaran; however, 12 YEARS AGO I SAW HIM BOWING TO MASTER MELITON GERONIMO. I know that he was taught by Master Geronimo himself.

    If you are in doubt, go to the Philippines, and discover the different martial arts here. It didn't started in the United States and in other countries. The Grandmasters are here. Their students who have learned the art migrated to the United States and founded their own "art". If you want to know about Sikaran, go to Baras, Rizal, Philippines, and talk to the old Sikaran players and to Master Geronimo. You will be enlightened. I saw his old pictures as a Karate player, but he told me that he didn't use much of his hands during competitions. He uses his feet instead that is why he was given a special award for his different style. His medals and trophies tell about the history and how the other grandmasters of karate saw the difference of Master Geronimo's style.

    What he founded is the Kapatiran ng Sikaran, it means the brotherhood or the organization. Sikaran was there before he was born. He just organized and perfected the art so that the young people and adult will be impressed and encouraged to be trained in Sikaran.

    Now, Master Geronimo is over 70 years old, and he is calling for unity among the Sikaranista around the globe. Support World Sikaran-Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines.
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    First welcome to the forum
    2nd geronimo has been trying for 30 years to get all sikaran practictioners to follow his banner It is never going to happen any more than he could get all martial artist in the islands to follow him years before that when he was still in the military

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