Four Founders?

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by arnisador, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. arnisador

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    I note at WP on the Balintawak Eskrima page on Wikipedia that someone is pushing hard the following claim:

    I'd always heard that it was only Mr. Bacon who truly founded it.

  2. teovel'sBalintawak

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    Venancio " Anciong Tigas " Bacon was the founder of Balintawak. Villasin, Velez and Chiuten were just Bacon's students.
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  4. Robert Klampfer

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    One should obviously never use or cite Wikipedia as a definitive source for anything. The "Curriculum" section is specific to Bobby Taboada's teaching method and that section contains misinformation, too.

    While we agree they weren't founders, I don't think it's appropriate to describe them as "just [Bacon's] students".

  5. teovel'sBalintawak

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    I think I should have just typed " Bacon's students" not "just Bacon's student". I never meant to disrespect them. I also am a Velez Lineage Balintawak practitioner and follower.

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  6. Robert Klampfer

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    I never thought you intended to be disrespectful. I understood what you were trying to say. Too bad there's no edit function here... :wink2:


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