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Discussion in 'Lameco' started by Rich Parsons, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    Could we have a discussion on what would be a good forum description?
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I never knew the origin of the name! I thought it was a proper noun.
  3. De Campo JDC-IO

    De Campo JDC-IO Junior Member

    FWIW, In case people did not know, De Campo JDC-IO is considered the "LA" (largo range) of LAMECO. PG Sulite studied under GM Caballero and Maestro Olavides before coming to America. De Campo Uno-Dos-Tres Orihinal as it was originaly known is one of five major systems and six minor systems that make up LAMECO Eskrima.
  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Is the entire De Campo JDC-IO system in Lameco, or only parts of it?
  5. De Campo JDC-IO

    De Campo JDC-IO Junior Member

    Maybe I should re phrase since I am not hear to ruffle feathers.
    From my understanding, PG Sulite used what he felt were the effective parts of De Campo to help formulate what we now know as LAMECO. De Campo is NOT the ONLY system he used for its "Largo" techniques. I am sure many of the other systems he studied or was exposed to had plenty to offer as well. I can not speak of the other systems represented nor LAMECO for that matter since I have not studied them. I am sure some of our more experienced posters can shed some light on this matter.:)
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Ah, OK!

    What is distinctive about De Campo's largo techniques?
  7. De Campo JDC-IO

    De Campo JDC-IO Junior Member

    hmmm, Out of respect to LAMECO and it's followers, maybe we should move over to the misc. stick arts forum first. :biggrinbo

    Sound good?
  8. Roger Agbulos

    Roger Agbulos New Member

    Maybe myself or some of my notable brothers in the LAMECO SOG could shed that light... just so we can keep an accurate tab of the facts.

    So, on the subject of LAMECO ESKRIMA, bring it on.
  9. De Campo JDC-IO

    De Campo JDC-IO Junior Member

    I see your in good hands now Arnisador. If you are still interested in De Campo, hit me up via PM Thanks!
  10. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    OK, thanks!
  11. Guro Dave Gould


    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to jump in on this topic if I may. Actually De Campo Uno-Dos-Tres Orehenal and its proven sound combative principles make up the lions share of the impact portion of the Lameco Eskrima curriculum.

    It was in fact Punong Guro Sulite`s confidense system when engaging in altercations where impact weapons were used. When he had to see results fast and finish off his opponent quickly he would revert back to his De Campo Uno-Dos-Tres mindset and concentration.

    As well his confidense system for bladed weapons was Kali Illustrisimo, which represents the lions share of the bladed portion of our curriculum.
    There is one constant that linked both systems as being quite effective in his eyes (Punong Guro) and that was both GM Illustrisimo and GM Caballero had proven their systems and sound principles in actual combat where their lives hung in the balance of how well versed each was in their inherent system and how effective each could be applied with death lurking in the shadows. Both systems and Grand Masters proved to be lethal on numerous occasions in their own regard

    Other systems that Edgar borrowed from pertaining to long range was Modernos Largos as taught by Grand Masters Abella and Cabahug. This system aided Punong Guro Sulite more in striking mechanics more so than mere technique.

    Clearly to get a much better understanding of Lameco Esrima one has to thoroughly investigate its origens. Any training in De Campo Uno-Dos-Tres Orehenal, Kali Illustrisimo, Kali Pekiti-Tirsia, Modernos Largos and Sulite Rapelon could only benefit any learned student on the path of furthering combative knowledge on this great Indigenous Pilipino Warrior Art.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  12. vegemite

    vegemite New Member


    So sorry this is out of the topic but are you from Iloilo?


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