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  1. Shonin

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    I met Grand Tuhon Gaje for the first time this weekend. During a brief conversation with him he mentioned that the Filipino Force Recon Marines were issued Ginuntings. (At least this is what I think I heard. He speaks quite softly and my hearing has been pretty compromised over the years.)

    Spec ops gear being what it is, if they are issued ginuntings can one assume that they have neither wooden sheaths, nor wooden handles. I would also suspect that they are quite dependble, i.e. they are of good quality, the handles are securely fastened, etc.

    I've never liked wooden handles on a blade, so all this by way of asking if anyone knows if the blades are obtainable?

    Bob G.
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  2. tanod

    tanod New Member

    as most filipino blades, ginuntings sheath and handle is made of wood, kamagong to be exact. at least that's the one i have. it has to be dependable and tested before issuing the ginunting and of course it is made and tested by the marines to be sure of its quality.
  3. Buwaya

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    And, as Tanod can atest, they're dependable for the enviroment they were designed for....the tropical climate of the Pinas, =). Take you ginunting too far north....well, bets are off.

    Tanod, Pare, you back in BC?
  4. Shonin

    Shonin New Member

    Many thanks to you all for taking the time to answer my question.

    Bob G.
  5. tanod

    tanod New Member

    that's true kamagong doesnt like the cold weather. im not back in bc yet. im in san francisco right now.
  6. Malapitan

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    Just to add to what's been said already..

    The Force Recon ginunting is very very tough and keeps its sharp edge quite well. The current model is tested by having it whacked against tires for hours. Ginunting 1, Tire 0. Suffice to say, the handle is not going to fail, and neither will the blade.

    The sheath is wood but that will change soon. The weapon is mounted in the frame of the pack and is drawn from there.

    The Force Recon ginunting is available, from the bladesmith who makes them for the unit. PM me if your interested..
  7. shinshin02

    shinshin02 New Member

    What will it be changed to?
  8. Ron Kosakowski

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    Hi folks! I had to join in on this conversation due to the fact that I am in the Ginunting, amoung other Filipino weapons business. You want a good Ginunting, go to
    I can guarantee you will love it once it is in your hands. Quite a few members of the PTK section of the forum have bought a Ginunting from me before. They can tell you how good the quality is.

    Let me know and I can get them right out to you. Thanx man!
  9. tanod

    tanod New Member

    i would like a feedback from people who bought ginunting from ron. what can you guys say about. i like to research on things before buying.:)
  10. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    They are definately a very well made and functional ginuntings. I enjoy mine very much. [​IMG] My older ginuntings needed to retire or rest so to speak so Ron's is filling the void as the functional one for now. [​IMG]
  11. armas

    armas Junior Member

    I bought a Kris from Ron. Damn it was one of the best well balanced swords I bought. Hey Ron you owe me! hahahaa. But seriously folk, It's weight, balance, aesthetics and handling are very much worth it.
  12. Shonin

    Shonin New Member

    Ron --

    I do have to admit --that is a fine looking blade. For the nonce, I live in the People's Republic of Maryland, where, to reward me for their fiscal mismanagement they've just raised my property taxes 20%. Unlike the local government I have to live within a budget. Once things settle down, I shall be placing an order. In the meantime, I suppose I can find the odd blade or two around here to tide me over. :)

    Thanks for making me aware of your product.

    Bob G.
  13. meanoldman

    meanoldman New Member

    might try also. I got a nice one there.

  14. Pnoyninja

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  15. Kali Cowboy

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    I have a Ginunting sword and dagger set and a Talibong sword and dagger set. I purchased both sets from Mike Snow. They are fantastic blades and are endorsed buy Grand Master Jerson Tortal Sr. It won't hurt to check them out. PM R. Mike Snow on this forum. Good hunting.
    God Bless
  16. blindside

    blindside student

    I have a ginunting from him, its... ok, but nothing like the quality of the ginunting I handled from Ron's store. That said, one was $50 the other is $200. The Moro Swords ginunting had a very nice cocobolo sheath though, much nicer than the standard wood clamshell sheath I received from another Filipino maker. The sheath would make a fine weapon on its own right. :D

  17. Pnoyninja

    Pnoyninja New Member

    definately, just looking from Ron's website his swords are on a class of their own. The moro swords on the other hand are just as capable in terms of slashing at bottles, tires and bamboo...just not as polished...I'm planning on picking up one of Ron's swords as a decorative/mounted piece, maybe a katipunan
  18. Dagadiablo

    Dagadiablo New Member

    Ron's all the way!!!
  19. arnisador

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