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Discussion in 'The Den' started by PG Michael B, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Since Datu Tim has established that we are a geeky crew:) and some of us admitted to being comic book fans, let list our top ten comic book super heroes (good or bad).......Mine are as follows

    1. bad as they get....pre production 09

    2. The Silver Surfer

    3. The HULK....Ang lees flick one rocks.

    4. Dead Pool...

    5. The movie December 2008

    6. Luke Cage....Dolemite on Rhoids..LOL

    7. Batman...nuff said

    8. Daredevil...please redo this flik minus Afflackkk..the duck would have been better

    9. Wolverine....whats not to dig???

    10. Captain America...2010 movie..hey he is a hero!!

    Notice I didn't list Spidey..I dig him but just not enough room on my list.....peace....
  2. My brother and i collected a lot of comics--mostly Marvel back in the 85 thru early 90s... my brother was more into the goodie Avengers while i was into the outcast X-Men..

    Uncanny X-Men
    Alpha Flight
    Amazing Spiderman (love the 2nd movie with Doc Ock the best!)
    Spectacular Spiderman
    West Coast Avengers
    The Mighty Thor! (remember his fight against the Celestials? Also can't wait for the movie!)
    Punisher War Journal
    The Incredible Hulk
    Iron Man (really good movie!)
    Wolverine Limited Series
    Wolverine Regular Series
    Fantastic Four
    Silver Surfer
    Captain America (my oldest comic Cap #100; along with Thor 86)
    New Mutants

    Lots of One-Shots/Limited series from both Marvel and DC

    Fav pencilers/writers: Jim Lee, John Romita Jr., John Byrne, Whilce Portacio, Frank Miller, Mignolia and more... but much love and respect to the greatest publisher of all time---Hugh Hef---oops, I mean Stan "The Man" Lee!

    All i can remember off the top of my head!
  3. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    Too many to choose from! Although I'm a big fan of the X titles. I also enjoyed the Image brand for a while.
  4. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    On a side note does anyone want to catch Batman the weekend of the Meet and Greet?
  5. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    ME! ME! ME!

    As to my list:
    1. SPIDER-MAN!!!
    2. Spawn- Loved it more when Toddy Mac was still on the book, but it wasn't horrible after that.
    3. The Tick
    4. The Crow
    5. The Savage Dragon
    6. Sandman- the Vertigo Neil Gaiman version, not the Spidey villian
    7. Gambit
    8. Daredevil
    9. Batman
    10. Nightwing
  6. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    Ill go with the Ultimates!

    As a kid I also liked the Flash, Black Flash etc, but Thor and Daredevil were probably my favorites.

    Anyway, even back then, I was not all that much into super-heroes. I prefered Conan, Shang Chi, Bloodstone and a smorgasboard of other characters by European publishers.
  7. Buwaya

    Buwaya Senior Member

    On the pinoy side of things I recommend the works of Francisco Coching, Alex Nino, Alfredo Alcala, and Nestor Redondo. Some of the legends of Philippine komiks. Even today people can't duplicate their work, expecially Nino and Alcala.

    For a while there was a good guy doing Wildcats who was emulating some of Alex's line work.

    Nino's work was often seen in Tales from the crypt, the Witching hour, Strange Tales, Weird War, and the Phantom Stranger. All during the 70's. Alcala's work was often shown in Swamp Thing and Conan. He was the inker for Batman year 2.

    Alcala, btw, was the designer for He-man and The Masters of the Universe. Many people don't realized that all of the characters in that cartoon were designed by a pinoy.

    For the current generation I have huge respect for Budjette Tan, Arnold Arre, and Gerry Alanguin. Besides their pinoy komiks which are awesome, you can see Gerry's work as the inker for Superman: Birthright.

    A quote from Warren Ellis, the man who gave us The Authority, revamped Stormwatch, created Planetary, FreakAngels and Nextwave;

    "These are wonderful," says Warren Ellis. "I swear, the Pinoy make comics in the same way that the Icelandic make music ... ****ing genius."

    If you make you way out to Manila purchase Elmer, Agimat, Trese, Crust Hut But Shop, and The Mythology Class.
  8. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    Wolverine..... 'nuff said.

    okay okay, back when i collected xmen/wolverine stuff, my faves were anybody involved in the xmen storyline, those that had some sort of significant impact on the lives of the xmen, as a team and/or as individuals; whether they be heroes, or villains, sometimes allies, sometimes not, etc.

    sure i tried other storylines like the FF, DD, Avengers, Thor, Spidey, Punisher, etc. but other than an occassional spidey storyarc, nothing drew me in like the mutant storylines. some were good, some were bad, but there some really outstanding arcs that totally rocked.

    Anyway to those ive been debating with regarding Wolverine (Logan) vs Batman (Bruce Wayne). Wolverine would reign supreme!!! To all those who think otherwise... dont even try to argue, it is no contest.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

  10. Mangtas

    Mangtas New Member

    My Top 10

    1. Batman - no superpowers just great skills and a great mind.
    2. Lobo - the space dolphin loving homicidal bastich who loves to frag anything in sight, a.k.a. "the last Czarnian" or "the Main Man" : P
    3. The Shadow - loved the comic book as a kid, way better than the Alec Baldwin film.
    4. Shang Chi from "The Hands of Shang Chi" - Kung Fu and the British Intelligence service, definitely a good combination, especially loved the homage to Bruce Lee in the character of Shuen Kuei a.k.a. "The Cat".
    5. Jonah Hex - who doesn't love an Ugly cowboy who has traveled to the future?
    6. Daredevil - kinda reminds me of an acrobatic blind swordsman : P
    7. Judge Dredd - cool cop, cooler bike!
    8. Vigilante - the DC universe Attorney and later Judge Adrian Chase who moonlights as a masked vigilante.
    9. The Punisher - nuff said
    10. Salvo from the comic book series "Thriller" - a shortlived series, but predated "The Matrix" by a decade.

    There's more I failed to list of course like "The Unknown Soldier", "OMAC (One Man Army Corps)", "Kid Colt", "Iron Fist" and "Booster Gold". But I've noticed that over the years, I seem to prefer the underpowered heroes instead of the super powered ones like Superman or Spiderman. Guess it reflects my deep respect for great skills of any kind compared to inherent natural or supernatural abilities and my belief in the true heroic principles of "controlling our own destiny" and not leaving our fates to the "gods".
  11. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    Yeah, how could I forget about Judge Dredd!
    In the words of Anthrax song "I am the law, you won't f**k around no more...!"
  12. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    1. Snot-clone The Tick!!!

    In the words of another Anthrax song, "I'm the man! I'm so bad I should be in detention!"
  13. Makata

    Makata New Member

    **laughing at the Anthrax lyrics being quoted** :D

    Comic books-wise: I favor stuff like Matt Wagner's GRENDEL books, anything Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller, plus relatively off-beat stuff like 100 BULLETS, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, THE INVISIBLES, HELLBLAZER and PREACHER.

    I'm not so much for "heroes in tights" books, myself...although there is a hysterically nasty book called THE BOYS that has an awesome take on "the supes". Who watches the Watchmen? Well, they do. Recommended for mature audiences only! ;) :D


    From the lair of The Dark Judges,
    Lester S.
  14. Makata

    Makata New Member


    Maraming salamat for the heads-up, pare!
    I'll be sure to bug my relatives to send me something sometime! :)

    Lester S.
  15. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I was in a comic book store on Wed. buying comics for my son and heard this being discussed:
    Michael Turner 1971 ~ 2008
    'Popular and influential' comic book artist

    Published the best-selling 'Fathom'


    More here.
  16. akatrk

    akatrk New Member

    In no particular order

    1. X-Men
    2. X-Factor
    3. The Flash
    4. Legion of Superheroes
    5. Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)
    6. Captain Marvel (aka Shazzam, DC Comics)
    7. Iron Fist & Power Man (aka Luke Cage)
    8. Captain America and Falcon
    9. What If (one of my favorites was what if Spiderman saved Gwen Stacy)
    10. Green Lantern

    Remember when comics were 50 cents an issue? Remember when you could order the whoopie cushion in the advertisements? What about the x-ray glasses? Remember the BIG comic books like Spiderman vs Superman, Superman vs The Flash, Superman vs Shazzam? Yeah, I'm an OLD fart for sure.
  17. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I remeber when they were $o.65. Marvel did some nice stuff with Transformers and G.I. Joe as well. You reminded me of the pardoy book Marvel had called What the...!?! there were some failry hilarious issues of that. DC's Aztek was an interesting read as well. The West Coast Avengers was interesting for awhile, but I always thought of it like Avengers: The Second String (i.e. US Agent in place of Capt. America, War Machine instead of Iron Man) Being a child of a single mother I spent the majority of my teenage life with martial arts and comic books, so I read alot of titles, so I could go on and on and on.

    Oh, I can't believe I forgot the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!?!?! Not the cartoon version. The original Black & White Comic!
  18. akatrk

    akatrk New Member

    I forgot about What the..!?! Man, that brings back memories. Oh yeah!
  19. Mangtas

    Mangtas New Member

    Of course! How could I forget about the Watchmen? My very first internet nickname was Ozymandias : P I used to own copies of both the Watchmen and Frank Miller's Ronin series in high school, but stupid me decided to leave it with my cousin when I went away to college and when I came back years later, most of it was gone, probably used as toilet paper : (
  20. travtex

    travtex New Member

    Sandman (Gaiman) was a great series. I actually came into it later in life, having gotten a good Gaiman addiction going through his books. If you kind find it, check out the BBC series for Neverwhere.

    Comic-wise, I was more of a Marvel Geek. Particularly the X-Persons. Marvel kind of lost me when X-Men started going into their various timeline future past multiverse threads. (Then Ultimate X-Men came along, and...)

    Never much of a DC fan.

    Liked the Spider Movies. The third was kind of 'Meh' for me, I don't think the villains had the clout of a Dafoe or a Molina. Hard to top Willem arguing with himself in the mirror. *laugh*

    Ang Lee Hulk... Well, I wouldn't say -suck-... The ending was borderline suck, I'll admit. New Hulk; I'm a big Ed Norton fan, but I didn't buy him as Banner nearly as well as I did Downey as Tony Stark.

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