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Discussion in 'The Den' started by joej, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Hi Mike, I don't know if we should be posting in the General catagory or not what do you think?
    Anyway here goes. I think I have you narrowed down to two people.
    I remember someone who came into the dojo now and then I think that person was you.
    I believe I have a picture of you and me sparring. There was a photographer taking pics one of the nights you were there. If I am thinking of the right person.(what did you look like 42 years ago)
    Also just so I'll know you are talking about the right person what do you remember that I looked like.
    You Called JR. Asinas "JOE". The last day that I was in the P.I. myself and my best friend went to the dojo to say good bye to Sensei Asinas and he said to me from now on I am going to take the name Joe Asinas I don't know if it was in honor of me or he just liked the name Joe or If it was a filipino custom to take the first name of person.
    Do you remember some of the other people from the doshin-kai-dojo.
    Please keep in touch JOEJ

  2. mike boyett

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    Joe,,i Sent you a private message. Im not used to this particular web site,, so I hope that you recieve it alright..My e-mail addy is not a guarded secret,, so if you wish u can contact me at
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    Yes, the PM system is very convenient for one-on-one communications! It saves me remembering e-mail addresses.
  4. mike boyett

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    Salamat Arnisador,, Ill eventually figure it out. :)

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