Foil fencing and sabre fencing

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    Foil fencing seems like another planet to me.. Does anyone do any other western sword fighting that comes close to being more dynamic and less sportized than foil fencing?

    Maybe Sabre? Is the sabre fencing very static or do they have very dynamic circular and triagular or angular foot work?
  2. I took Italian Saber Fencing from a Maestro who competed in the Olympics in 1976(?)... he teaches at the local community college and for 15 dollars a unit (1 unit), i couldn't pass that up!...

    anyway, saber is dynamic, but its very linear... i had a hard time not crossing my feet, which is a no-no and being aware of the very thin blade that whips around much faster than a stick/pinuti... yet fencers learn how to be non-telegraphic and very EXPLOSIVE!!! (a mixture of the 3 fencing styles: foil, epee' and saber)

    And I must say it did and has helped me in my FMA skills A LOT---it taught me how to DEFEND quick attacks due to the rule of "right of way"...

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    Foil or Sabre

    I had planned to start sabre some day due to the similarities between some of the aspects of San Miguel Eskrima and sabre fencing. This article caught my eye though and it sounds very logical:

    If you want an excellent explanation of how classical sabre and FMA's can intersect you might want to look at the 2-DVD set from Cold Steel entitled "Fighting with Sabre and Cutlass."


  4. spencer

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    Yep ! It sure does!
    That is RollerKendo developed by RollerSwords Inc.(Fencing on Skates.)

    (In reallity by Ken S.Orton...B.F.A. Coach (Pro.) [ actually; old member; 72yrs. old!]
    Where to "find" it ? at the Angel Leisure Centre on Wednesday nights, but not on a regular basis. only on special occasions.
    Further details on request.
  5. spencer

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    Ken O again! We also cater forElectric Foil, Epee and Sabre and (sometimes) Rapier and Dagger for Re- enactment purposes or just for a bit of FUN!
    We are at the Angel Centre, Tonbridge,Kent (U.K.) on Wednesday evenings from 1930hrs. till 2130hrs. (Junior group; 1800hrs. to 1900hrs.)
    Between them the coaches have 88yrs. of coaching experience !
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    Whats the difference between Italian Sabre and "modern" sabre Fencing ?
  7. spencer

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    Rapier and Dagger (Electric version) is very dynamic and is usually practiced on a circular or rectangular or a trianglar piste or other area(s) that are available. (in a leisure centre.)
    Can be outdoors using Wi-Fi methods of registering "hits"
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    yes i do study the medevil european martial arts and there is a big defrence between sporterized fencing and combat arts

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