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    Pushing close to the century mark, any suggestions for a 100th show?

    Well, we have have been busy in the last few months. We have been working with Dr. Mark Wiley who helped us line up 4 great guest authors 3 who have recently published books under the Tambuli Media banner.

    Mataw Guro Louelle Lledo of Amara Arkanis Arnis, head of the Mataw Guro association - Book TBA

    Guro David Gould of Lameco Eskrima - Lameco Eskrima the Legend of Edger Sulite

    Grandmaster Dan Medina - Secrets of Derobio Eskrima

    Grandmaster Sam Buot Sr. - Balintawak Eskrima

    Check out these episodes and many more for free at Listen on iTunes or Stitcher for free as well.

    Twitter: #fmatalklive

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