FMAT Live with GM Vicente Sanchez

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    This week we will have GM Vicente Sanchez founder of Kali Arnis International Federation on the show. GM Sanchez has been active in FMA for more then 60 years!

    Master of 4 major Arnis styles/systems:
    1. Cinco Terros - under Master Antonio Javier - promoted in 1956
    2. Kasilagan - under Master Jhony Panuringan - promoted in 1958
    3. Modern Arnis - Balintawak - under GM Remy A. Presas - last promoted in 1994
    4. Tersia serada, cadenilla Y espada Y daga - under GM Benjamin Luna Lema (Lightning Scientific Arnis Intl - LSAI) - promoted in 1978

    Visit his website:

    We had a great time talking to GM Sanchez, we thank him for his time and wonderful stories!

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