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    Website of the Cebu Eskrima Society. Historical information on Visayan and Cebauno Eskrima, Therories into the origin of the art, profiles of famous Cebuano Eskrimadors, tour information, Blades from Eastern Visayas for sale.
    Online version of "Swish of the Kriss" and "Jungle patrol". "Masters of the Blade" and "Warrior arts of the Philippines" available for purchase.
    Online audio interviews with Roland Dantes, Rey Galang, Remy Presas, Remy Jr. and others.
    Various articles.
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    FMA Video Demo..Pekiti Tirisa demo

    Hey all,

    I was sent this website by one of my former instructors back home!! Its a great news clip from the BBC that touches on PTK as a whole. CHeck it OUT!!

    Also, if you clip on the search words, you'll find other arnis related video/demos. ENJOY!!!
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    Estalilla Kabaroan Eskrima links

    GM Ramiro Estalilla's website:

    Associate GM Ed Bansuelo's website:

    Associate GM Ron Reeker's website:

    Intro to Estalilla Kabaroan (by KIL, Assoc. GM Reekers, Dog Bros.):

    Willis Kempo Kung Fu, Kabaroan page:

    Parker Planas lineage website:

    I'm sure there are others...
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    Featuring Master Christopher 'Topher' Ricketts one of the senior maestros of Kali Ilustrisimo.
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    My website:

    Clicking on the picture of the pinute y daga links to a YouTube video that promotes my classes and provides an overview of the San Miguel Eskrima system. There is a brief segment of Momoy Canete performing part of the Balla Balla Rendondo form at 00:55.


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    The official Lightning Scientific Arnis

    My website with events pertaining to Lightning in the UK,Europe and the
    There is also a posts section on my website.
    Train hard.
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