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  1. Guro Marc

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    FMA verses CHANBARA Challenge
    By Marc Lawrence

    A challenge has been presented to the FMA community in the form of a tournament. CHANBARA (a Japanese fighting organization) members will fight FMA fighters in tournament. There will be in Sept. 13, 2008 in Southern California, a clinic on the rules of the tournament. Members of USFMAF and others will meet Chanbara for some friendly sparring and a roll out of the rules.

    The time is from 4pm to 8pm. The location is the House of Champions, 117228 Saticoy Street, Van Nuys, Ca, 91406. The cost is $35.00; this includes your membership into the USFMAF and pays for the insurance for the event. In February of 2009 in Anaheim, California at the USFMAF tournament there will be an open padded weapons division.

    This is from the Chanbara web site: Historically, the sword was employed in battle, as well as knives, spears and staves and today these weapons are still as harmful as they were thousands of years ago. The introduction of new age materials enables the traditionalist or combatant to efficiently and safely train for combat – or a martial arts tournament.
    The five traditional weapons used in Chanbara tournaments and sparring are:
    1. Tanto (18-inch knife)
    2. Kodachi (24-inch short sword)
    3. Choken (40-inch long sword)
    4. Yari/naginata (6-foot spear)
    5. Jo and Bo (4-5-6-foot staff)
    The following five different weapons used in Chanbara are very unique in that they are used for varying lines of defense and attack.
    The USFMAF is looking to the FMA community for fighters to come out a show the world that FMA is superior to the Chanbara/Japanese fighting system. All FMA padded weapons will be allowed. That means Bankaw (spear) & Kampilan (long sword), double olisi (stick) short and long stick and Espada (sword) y daga (knife) can all be used. There is also discussion about the use of Kalasag (shield) in play.
    For more information contact USFMAF President Darren Tibon @ [] or Regional Sports Organizer Marc Lawrence @
    More information see: web site or go to www.pakamut-fma-torrance

    Also you can contact Shihan Mark Parra at 818-996-7180 or go to the HOC His e-mail is-

    Marc Lawrence
    USFMAF RSO for the South Bay and Long Beach

  2. Sisco T.

    Sisco T. New Member

    so the sept. 13 date is for the discussion of the rules for the event in feb. of 2009? is this format going to be very blade oriented, continuous, one slash or stab then reset, etc.? this sounds very interesting and something i may want to participate in. thanks for the heads up about this.

  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Sounds like an interesting idea--I'll be curious to see what happens!
  4. Sisco T.

    Sisco T. New Member

    Mr. Marc Lawrence,

    since this is kind of a Chanbara event do you know if they are planning on having any gear there for sale? specifically their 31 in. actionflex escrima sticks and/or the ronin headgears? thanks for any info. you might know.

  5. Guro Marc

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    Gear and other items

    First, this will be the first time that FMA has meet with Chanbara to try the rules we developed togather. They have not been tried on the matt.
    Second the matchs are split 1.5 minutes in the traditional point sparring and 1.5 minutes in continous sparring. I know that Spar-Gear will have some gear there, but I am not sure if Charnabara's gear supplier can make it yet.
    Guro Marc
  6. Sisco T.

    Sisco T. New Member

    thanks for the reply guro marc. i'll be there, and put a little extra in the wallet just in case.

  7. Beungood

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    How did this event turn out?
  8. Shinsei_Arnis

    Shinsei_Arnis New Member

    Yes, I'm curious as to how this is going & where it was, or will be held (the tournament)
  9. Guro Marc

    Guro Marc New Member

    FMA Verses Japanese martial arts tournement

    To all of my Brothers & Sisters in the art,
    I know that all of you belong to a variety of FMA systems, I am calling on you as brothers & sisters in FMA to help fight the teams from Japan and the US that have challenged all of us to a padded weapons division fight on March 28, 2009 in Anahiem, CA at the USFMAF tournement. this is not gag, this real challenge where we in FMA have to stand up and be counted. This will be history in the making. E-mail for more info. Check out the registration info at Be part of it and show how great a fighter you are!

    Marc Lawrence
  10. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    This should be interesting! I would have loved to join if it wasn't too far.

    Please share videos of the fights!
  11. jdc2003

    jdc2003 New Member

    Does any one know the results of this tournament? If so please post..... I would like to know how FMA did. Thanks!

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