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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by lhommedieu, Nov 10, 2008.

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    to suggest my friend based on experience actual partners in empty hand is quite effective specially random attacks can stimulate quite well your senses. as a pangamot practitioner i will advice you to have a training partner dont' limit your self to daggers only but explore with different long sundang or penote to improve skills. dont' worry if your hittting youselves but be carefull of accidents pls. start with dull knife before practicing with sharp balisong, jungle dagger sundang, golok, penote etc.

    glad to help!
    El maldito de cebu
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    Spring Arm

    You mean I can just ask people to attack me randomly and not worry about things like focus mitts, heavy bags, jump ropes, etc.?

    As tempting as that sounds what I am looking for is a simple training device to help me practice the body mechanics of slaps, reverse slaps, hammer fists, etc. when I was doing solo training.

    What I've thought about so far would look something like this:

    A plywood hand and wrist outline that would slip into the place where you put your hand in a focus mitt. You could close the Velcro straps on the back of the mitt around a narrower wrist outline.

    The wrist part could be glued into a slot cut into a dowel and then pinned like a mortise and tenon joint.

    The dowel could be placed half-way up a tight spring but then how would you keep the dowel from slipping out of the spring? Could you drill a hole through the far end of the dowel and then insert a thin cotter pin through the spring and into the hole? That might keep the dowel from slipping out.

    Ditto a dowel inserted into the other end of spring.

    The second dowel (far side) gets inserted into the frame.


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    in our sitting in the philippines where we lack equipment we ussualy practice with partners jsut like in real settings. thats why filipino masters that migated alredy to the west are one of the best because they train in real setting and some are envolve in real fights. well thats good if you have equipment it could help you but try also to spar with real partners.

    el maldito de cebu
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    Thanks - I'll give it a try.


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    yap develop first your motor skills on your equipment and when you alredy mastered with it try to find partners that know well in armed combative technique

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