FMA Talk Live! - Michael T Bates - Sunday, May 20th - 8pm CST

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    Date: Sunday May 20th, 2012
    Time: 8pm CST

    This week our special guest this week will be Michael T Bates. Mr. Bates has been teaching Modern Arnis in Delaware County for over 22 years. He is the one of the highest ranking active student of the late grandmaster. Mr. Bates is also hosting the upcoming Modern Arnis Hall of Fame. As always we will have a Live Q&A where you can chat with Mr. Bates and the rest of the panel with your questions and comments. This is mean to be a casual show to promote the FMA's in general.

    Our hosts will be Datu Tim Hartman, Guro Federico Malibago, Guro John Bednarski, Guro Mark Basel and anyone else we can convince to join in on the madness.

    Please visit:

    To listen in on the live call and join the Q&A
    please call: (530) 881-1300
    Access Code: 926667#

    Joining the call - At the scheduled date and time of the online meeting, dial into the conference line and when prompted enter the access code followed by the pound key. All listeners will be automatically muted to ensure we have a clear recording.

    We will record all shows and post them to this website and as a podcast for those who can not be on the call. To be added to the Q&A queue please press *6 when we start the Q&A session and you will be added to the queue. Posted by Mark at 12:23 PM 0 comments
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    Hello Everyone,
    This interview was great!!!!!!

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