FMA Stick Fighting Kali Tournament (Update)

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    FMA Stick Fighting Tournament

    The 26th Annual Maryland Open
    International Martial Arts Tournament

    SUNDAY April 13, 2008
    Time: 11:00am
    Location: Best Western Hotel & Conference Center
    (5625 O'Donnell St. Baltimore, MD 21224)

    (Padded & Live Stick Divisions)
    Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced
    Light Weight (120-155 lbs)
    Middle Weight (156-185 lbs)
    Heavy Weight (186 and Over)
    Women's Division

    For more Information:
    email to or
  2. jedtkd

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  3. scubamatt

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    I'm curious, how do they score in this sort of match?
  4. jedtkd

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    Hi Scubamatt, thanks for your intrest. In that tournament it was basically whoever the judges thought won the round, kinda like a 10-8 scoring. Plus if you lost your stick you lost a point and if you lost it 3 times you automatically lose. For this tournament this year we have the rules posted on for anyone to check out and see. We think they are a combination of all the stickfighting scoring systems we have seen. We tried to make it fair for everyone. The worst thing is to lose by a rules violation. We want it settled by the fighters. Thanks again and are you planning to attend? We should have a good turnout. FMA on the rise.
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    Any Suggestions or Comments

    Hi All,
    We would love to hear any suggestions or comments about or upcoming tournament. Drop us a note here or by e-mail. We want to make this the best tournament it can be. Fair competition and brotherhood/sisterhood to be had by all. Looking forward to the tournament and to meeting you all. Have a great day, Maryland PTK
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    Hi Jed,

    Sounds like an awesome event! Are thrusting techniques allowed? (aside from neck, groin and back) Also, what time are weigh ins? Typically how many competitors are there participating (kinda dictates how much cardio my lazy butt needs to be doing!!) and is it "sudden death"? meaning: if I lose first fight, am I done for the day or can I fight again? Is padded stick going b4 live stick?

    Also, I have a 5 y.o. "dalaga" who wants to participate, but I'm sure she's going to be overwhelmed by the size of your event! Are there "constellation" prizes for the young ones if they don't win?

    I'm really excited for you, Master Apolo and your Crew in Maryland! I'm sure it will be loads of fun!!


  7. jedtkd

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    Kumusta Dagadiablo,
    Thanks for your intrest and support. To answer a few of your questions thrusting is allowed to the front of the body besides the groin. You will weigh in as soon as you get there and the competition begins at 11am. It kind of depends on your weight class on the amount of competitors. We should have plenty. Honestly i would suggest doing as much cardio that you can. Not a good feeling being beat on by a stick because you can't catch your breath, lol. Not sure about the sudden death thing. And padded stick is going before live stick. For your 5y/o everyone under 12 recieves a participation medal in the regular martial arts portion of the tournament. Stick fighting is for 18 and over. We are looking forward to a good turn out and great support for the FMA. We hope to see you here and Master Apolo sends his best reguards.
    Thanks again, Jed
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    Last Minute Reminder

    This is just a last minute reminder that our event is just a witik away. This year's event is at a new location that is much nicer and easier to access. Just off rte. 95, minutes from Downtown Baltimore and The Inner Harbor. We have plenty of concessions and the place is beautiful. This will be a great tournamet to compete in and watch as well. This will be a great opportunity to put yourself on the internet showing your skill. Not a event to miss. Hope to see everyone there supporting the Filipino Martial Arts. Contact or email at or call our school at 410-768-7788
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    How was the event?

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