FMA sparring glove research: suggestions?

Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by anyaki, Jun 8, 2013.

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    My friends Maarten Kamphuis and Youval Kuipers are designing a new glove for sparring/competition in armed martial arts. The design is originally intended for European swordfighting, where you need proper flexibility as well as serious impact reduction. I tried out the first prototype myself, to see if it is suitable for FMA as well. Judge for yourself:


    We're beginning eskrima students who like to spar, yet we want to be able to use technique during sparring. That's pretty tricky, so please feel free to comment on technique (I guess it's not so clever to throw your knife in the air to switch grips, I think it looks nice though) :)

    About the glove: It is not for sale! What you see is a prototype. I really do like this project and I think it is suitable for other types of FMA as well. If you have any questions or suggestions on design improvements, please comment, I will pass them on to the guys.

    - Mark

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