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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by Willow GER, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Willow GER

    Willow GER New Member

    I hope I´m posting in the right section :)
    I´m looking for different shirts from any Filipino Kali Arnis style, I´m collecting this shirts. Let me know when you have some on stock or if you know some websites.


  2. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    I guess German Shipping would be preferred? Most of the following are selling t-Shirts...

    Inosanto / LaCoste (Udo Müller)
    Dogbrothers (several by now.. or Benjamin in Bern)
    Warriors Escrima (ask Christian, he's selling a very nice one)
    Pekiti Tirsia (Uli Weidle)
    Balintawak (Necopa, maybe Dieter Rosers group got shirts now, too.. no idea)
    Modern Arnis (MAMD, DAV, AMD)
    Doce Pares (I think we got WEKAF and Escrido)
    Giron (Hamburg)
    Latosa (EWTO, EBMAS, Avci?)
    Lameco (Paddy in Berlin or Wolfgang Müller Frankfurt)
    IKAEF (website)
    some smaller groups as well

    Lapunti Arnis de Abanico (Luxemburg)
    Balintawak (Nickelstick, Taboada both in UK)
    Bahad Zubu (UK)
    San Miguel Eskrima (UK)
    Kalis Ilustrisimo is in France and UK, but theres no official logo i think
    Dekiti Tirsia / Sina Tirsia Wali (UK)
    Rapid Arnis (UK)
    Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo (UK)
    Lightning Scientific Arnis (UK)
    CSSD (UK .. or Berlin)

    Quite sure there are more, but those are the better-known styles I could think of right now..
    Merry xmas ;)
  3. Willow GER

    Willow GER New Member

    Cool, thanks for the infos. Will check their websites and see if they offer shirts for sale. I found different shops here on FMA and ordered some really nice looking shirts :) but will be easier if I have the chance to order here in germany.

    Also, merry christmas

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