FMA schools in Mid-Michigan (Near Midland)

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    I recently relocated from Houston, TX area and I'm having difficulty finding a PTK instructor/group within an hour of Midland, MI. Any recommendations? Although I would prefer to continue training in PTK, if none are available near by, I would also like any recommendations for other FMA schools/groups near Midland. Closer is better but I am willing to travel around an hour if needed.

    Thanks for all your help!
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    PTK in Michigan

    Here's one of Tuhon McGrath's teachers from Pekiti Tirsia International:

    Martial Marts Unlimited
    1310 West 14 Mile Road
    Clawson, MI 48017
    Telephone: (248)435-4030
    Website: Martial Arts Unlimited

    Sorry - I know that's about 2 hours from you, but there may be people that train there that are closer to you. Alternatively, I think that there used to be a lot of PTK in Michigan back in the 80's, I believe - so I'd check the PTGO website for any old-timers that are still around.


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    Not sure about the Midland area but there is a decent amount of FMA schools located throughout the state. I'm more familiar with the styles and schools in the Detroit area but that's quite far from you.
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    Thanks all for the support. Greatly appreciated!

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    We have a Kuntaw group in Traverse City,

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