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Discussion in 'FMA Schools' started by xxxkennyxxx, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. xxxkennyxxx

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    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a FMA school in New Haven county area of CT. I have been to the PSDTC in Waterbury and it is a great school but its to far away I have also been to CMA in Cromwell again its a good school but still to far away. Does anyone know of a good school or a training group in this area of CT
  2. Nebrido

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    I trained with Ron at PSDTC for a few years before moving down to VA. In my opinion, Ron is one of the best instuctors in the country. What for of martial art are you trying to train in?

  3. fangjian

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    Within 15 mins of Ne Haven or so is pretty specific. PTK in Waterbury, Modern Arnis in Middletown, and Balintawak in Willimantic. Other than that, there's probably some JKD Inosanto Eskrima in Fairfield County.
  4. RevDogo

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    I live in NE CT. I have to drive an hour and 20 minutes into RI or and hour to Sensei Shekosky's place, Cromwell Martial Arts for Modern Arnis. So I guess what I am saying is sometimes you gotta travel for what you want.

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