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    FMA website focus on local groups

    An article on the new FMA Circle of Negros Island web site for Negros Island martial arts organizations.

    Preventing panic firing

    A brief mention of arnis in a longer article about police training. "This year, he says they are going to carry out a more rigorous training program that will provide graduates with the eight specialized skills every police officer should have: firearms proficiency, use of the pro baton, arnis, unarmed combat or aikido, arresting and handcuffing, crowd dispersal, chanting, and drill mastering."

    Imee Marcos takes over Joyce's role

    A 2003 story on the re-enactment of the death of Ferdinand Magellan at the hands of Lapu-Lapu. "The rest of the cast is composed of more than 400 actors from different Mactan barangays and the stick fighters of the Mactan Island Eskrima Alliance. "

    Boxers on gold romp as Games wind down

    A story on several sports from the SEAG (Southeast Asian Games) last month. "In Manila, the Filipino arnis exponents did not disappoint hometown fans by sweeping the men’s and women’s arnis anyo (form) two-sticks contests. Arnis made its first appearance in the meet as a medal sport."

    Inside the Ring and Out On the Streets

    A somewhat rambling (cached) article on the FMA; one of the few to mention dumog though.

    Grapplers dominate Reality Combat fights; boxers routed

    Similarly, it's rare to see Buno mentioned in an article (cached).

    You can find many links, especially current sports stories, by searching here:

    Also many stories at the Sun Star (Cebu):

    Many more at the Manila Times:

    A list of other Philippines newspapers available online:

    I find that arnis turns up about thrice as many hits as escrima/eskrima or kali. Don't overlook less common terms like sikaran or silat as well!
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    Past Events in the Phil.

    American helps local martial artists

    Lapunti Arnis de Abanico of Prudencio “Orlando” Caburnay trains American Neil Hirschowitz of Mr. Owet's De Cuerdas Arnis in advance of the Lapunti Championship Tournament (30 Dec. 2005).

    10 Martial Arts clubs join 1st Mayor's Cup

    A story from 15 Dec. 2004 concerning matches in Filipino Tang soo do, pencak silat ohlaraga, wushu sanshou, and grappling, and demonstrations in aikido, arnis, tapado, FTSD, silat and wushu taolu. I didn't even know there was a Philippine Tapado Arnis Association!
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    Featuring our own Pat OMalley!

    Pableo to lead RP team to world event

    "The RP Team which will be hosted by Doce Pares Grandmaster Danny Guba and Rapid Arnis chief instructor Pat O’Malley, is expected to leave for England on the first week of April."

    Vacation Secret: Filipino Martial Arts Group To Combine Arnis Training and Water Sports in the Philippines

    "As Commissioner of the International Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines (IMAFP), an organization teaching the Filipino Martial Arts of arnis, kali and eskrima, Jay de Leon wanted to bring as many students as he could with him to a huge annual training camp in the Philippines called the 3rd FMA Festival."
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    Arnis Experts in Phil. AF.

    Soldier-athletes tapped to guard Magdalo men

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    Arnis Results from Phil. AF (Southeast Asian Games).

    Air Force honors its athletes

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    RP hosts ASFAA Congress

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    Arnis Clinic (Seen on ED).

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Arnis clinic scheduled[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

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    Phil. Events.

    13 Cebuanos to get 'Garbo sa Sugbo' awards

    Filipino Martial Arts Festival held

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    2007 Palarong Pambansa.

    '07 Palaro to include elementary basketball

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    Sports News.

    Davao arnis experts to leave for Korea meet

    Thais line up 39 events, but squash is out

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    Philippines Instructors to Demo in South Korea (Seen on ED).

    MK and the Chungju Martial Arts Festival

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    Arnis Officiating Seminar.

    DepEd arnis seminar held

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    Doce Pares.

    Rama: A reading material for gun owners

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    Seen on ED.

    RP Eskrimadors rule

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    Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association Meet.

    Capiz gets 6 silver, 2 bronze medals in arnis

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    Tacurong rules Arnis Sayaw contest at E-Mall

    Lack of funds may limit size of RP contingent

    A Puncher’s Chance

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    Christopher Ricketts's brother, movie star Ronnie Ricketts.

    Have Ronnie & Mariz migrated to the US?

    BCC bags bronze in Arnis tourney

    Rama: That heavenly Raptor

    (I edited the URLs in the quote.)
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    Entry on Modern Arnis at

    Modern Arnis, the Philippine Art of Stick and Knife Fighting

    I don't think he means Modern Arnis in the sense of Remy Presas' system.

    'Karambunal' fires off Saturday


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