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Discussion in 'General' started by FENOM, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. FENOM

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    Before people start flaming away with reasons why it would never happen, let's take and educated stab at how it could work. Prior to one of my classes, Guro and the class were freely speaking about how and if FMA could be an Olympic sport or eve a spectator sport for that matter. A good point made was that there would have to be widespread practice of FMA throughout the world for it to be a sport where all countries could participate.

    If you were in charge of leading this how would you proceed? Would you start with a single global governing body to create rules and unity among practicioners? Or would do you feel this body would further the divide between different FMA's? What is your idea?
  2. rshawtx

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    Maybe this is just ignorance on my part, but I think it's very feasible to have FMA in the Olympics. Maybe by then I would watch it. :)

    Seriously though, the Olympics have Fencing, Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts. Heck, they even have Trampoline as an event. :) I thought that was only televised on The Man Show.

    I would first try to get it into the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games:

    The Sea Games have Pencak Silat so why not Kali/Escrima/Arnis?
  3. Combative Edge

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    In my opinion the downfall of most combat systems is when they go sport.

    Alot of FMA already have become stick fighting arts. The stick was meant to be a training tool for a blade. Rattan was never really a weapon.

    I personally can't stand watching FMA sparring with full body armor and rattan sticks. Anyone who has ever sparred full contact with rattan, and no or minimal protection knows that a rattan stick across the arm will have very little effect in a match...Stick fights with rattan looks for the most part like cavemen just whacking away. Replace that rattan with a blade and that is where skill, timing and footwork is needed.

    A slash across the arm with a blade is game over.

    Anyway...That is just my opinion on why I would hate to see FMA go even more towards the sport world.
  4. PG Michael B

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    I have no unearthly idea how to build,, govern,, or promote such an organization...definitely above my pay grade. As for the Olympics and their so called combat events...errrr..horrible, horrible...bias judging (look at the boxing..makes Teddy Atlas go into conniptions)...the Wrestling, both Greco & Free style (allegations of favoritism toward certain countries)...hell you can even go into the gymnastics...CHINA (under investigation for lying to Olympic officials on the ages of competitors). What I am driving at is the fact that the Olympics IMHO are turning more into politics than sport.

    I personally abhor stick fighting with all that gear..reminds me of being a kid in Indiana getting ready to go ape crazy in the snow (My mom bundling me up to the point where I couldn't even move). As another poster said " It turns into caveman". When I spar we use little to no gear (helmet and glove..also no gear at all).

    To each their own on this but I myself am tired of the martial Arts being watered down to mere folly. I will keep the eskrima & silat that I teach 100% combat effective and ready. I owe that much to the men who taught me and preached the same.
  5. FENOM

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    That's a really good point about FMA being coverted into sport. My Guro hates padded sparring as well as some practicioners would just blast through an opponents strikes not taking into account if they got hit once with a strike without padding, it would be lights out.

    What I have been taught is that Kali is not a sport, it is combat, it is survival. So for me, although it would be nice for the culture to be recognized on this level, what kind of representation would it be if it were just two padded guys swinging for the fences?

    Thanks again for the intellectual reponses.
  6. Christian

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    Isn´t olympic Tae Kwon Do bad enough?

    Besides that I think it´s way to boring for the spectators. I am afraid it would look very similar to WEKAF Tournaments - nobody except friends and family would watch it.

  7. pguinto

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    I watched a program recently where the speaker commented on the future of media. He claims that with the advent of the higher speeds of internet access and ever growing streaming media content, there will come a day when "someone" will stream a brutal combative event to homes around the world which in effect will gain worldwide attention. He stated that it will probably be so popular that it will push the limits of that content due to profitability.

    The speaker is Paul W Anderson, writer/director of the new Jason Statham movie Death Race (aka Death Race 3000).

    You can probably see where im getting to. There will probly come a day in the near future when combative sports will be more brutal than what is presently being broadcast. the future may hold combative tournaments which will be broadcast worldwide possibly in full glory (where peeps will compete and probly come just short of D-E-D).
  8. citom

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    Arnis was a host country sport in the 2005 Southeast Asian Games held in Manila.

    It did not come back an event at the last SEA Games held in Thailand in 2007.
  9. tellner

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    It would be bad for the FMA. Look at what happened to Fencing, Judo and TKD.

    More to the point, who would be in charge. Can you imagine the 200 proof, raw gum stupidity that would happen if the IOC said "We need a governing body in every country that will certify and choose all the competitors. We need one set of rules for all FMA."

    Every organization, grandmaster, self-declared "professor" and guy with a stick would be out there pushing for the right to be in charge. Just think of the style wars and personality nonsense we see in FMAtalk. Imagine how it would be if there were real money and the chance to stick it to your rivals in a way that would really hurt.

    Imagine deciding on the rules for "real authentic Olympic" FMA. It would be tailor-made to give one style's people an advantage and freeze out everyone else. And those would be the rules that everyone in the FMA all over the world would train for. The only techniques anyone would learn would be the few that had the best chance at getting points under the Olympic rules.

    It would suck a golf ball through 20 feet of garden hose.

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