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Discussion in 'FMA in the News' started by arnisador, Jan 14, 2006.

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    Nice to see some news on the FMA

    Can this be made a section of the forum by itslef
  3. arnisador

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    I thought about that...but while there's plenty of martial arts news in general (Judo, Tae Kwon Do, etc.), I'm not sure there's enough FMA-specific news to merit it. What do others think?
  4. Buwaya

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    If you make it a section people will find FMA related news. There's always plenty happening in various Fil comminities throughout the planet that other people don't know about, festivals, shows, tours, museum shows, ect.
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  6. Rich Parsons

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    If you build it and they do not come then you tried.

    If you do not build it, they will never come.
  7. Palusut

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    Good idea!
  8. arnisador

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    Hard to argue with this! On MartialTalk we certainly folded fora back in to other fora when there wasn't enough action in them.
  9. Sheldon Bedell

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    we can give it a try if it fails at least we gave it a chance
  10. arnisador

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    Agreed. We'll give it a try!

    -FMATalk Admin-
  11. kuntawguro

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  12. arnisador

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    Self-defense workshop Tuesday at NIC

    At this page (which has questionable content) it states that director Gareth Evans "and his cinematographer Matt Flannery are following FOOTSTEPS with a trip to Indonesia to make a five-part documentary on the ancient martial art of Pencak Silat!"
  13. arnisador

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    Seminar in Italy.

    Seminar in Caserta, Italy

  14. arnisador

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    FMA in Australia.

    Martial arts day

    Doctor's orders

  15. arnisador

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    From the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

    Trio belting up for success

  16. arnisador

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    The fast and the furious ??? with sticks

    Training Charlie’s Angels

    Martial artists stick it to their opponents

    Modern Arnis in Kronberg

    Vereine & Verbände

    [QUOTEModern Arnis ist durch Weiterentwicklung und Systematisierung der jahrhundertealten traditionellen philippinischen Kampfkunst Arnis (auch "Kali" oder "Escrima") entstanden, und ist innerhalb der Kampfkünste für Effektivität im Umgang mit Rattan-Stöcken, Schwertern, Macheten und Messern bekannt.][/QUOTE]

  17. el maldito de cebu

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    I think it s a wondeful Idea to have a forum in the paper it would attract attention to the world. I know FMA from its humble secretive beggining can make it to the top I always believe in this system to be combative effective in both armed and unarmed tactics.
  18. arnisador

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    Cross train to become a better martial artist

  19. arnisador

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    Eskrima and LARP.

    The pointy bit goes in your enemy – learning to sword fight for LARP

  20. arnisador

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    Eskrima in Senegal.

    ARTS MARTIAUX : Le kali Arnis Eskrima s’introduit au Sénégal


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