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    I was just contacted by the director from Prometheus Motion Pictures to do another acting / stunt work job. I worked with them a few years back on "FOLKLORE"[​IMG]It was a fun project teaching them how to fight and have it look real. Folklore trailer

    Now they have a new project "Scourge" and have offered me a supporting role as well as fighting. I am to be Oppetto a knarly old dude who kicks butt with anything- stick, staff, sword, hands.

    Hey Buzz,

    Would you be willing to spend a little time blocking out the scene between you and the acolyte if I brought him up to TC to train with you for a day or two?

    I haven't cast it yet, but I'm looking at an actor with an extensive background in Kali (his older brother is Inasonto certified). It's important that the actor have a fighting style very reminiscent of Kuntaw (because thats what Oppetto uses).

    Casting is going great, we've had well over 150 auditions set up, with lots of *very* talented people. I'll be starting a production blog soon so you can see all of the great stuff being produced for the POC, so keep an eye on your inbox.

    Also, can you send your measurements to Audrey for costume purposes? Additionally, can you stop getting your hair cut or shaving now? I want Oppetto to have a very unkept look, kinda like what you looked like when I first met you (thats not a slight, it looked great. You hadn't gotten a hair cut in awhile, and your beard was a few inches long)

    Talk soon,


    The other project I wanted to mention to you was that of the former AVATAR script. To make a long story short, I never stopped developing that idea, and have transitioned the concept from a generic fantasy background into a post-apocalyptic world (all of that information is in the attachment Pre-Production packet, and contains info on the Proof-of-concept as well as a broader overview of the world), and to create an ongoing broadcast series from this as opposed to a stand alone movie. To make this happen, I’ve assembled a creative team that includes Tobias Dawson (who made all of the swords and other props for Folk Lore and has been a creative advisor/ collaborator) and Audrey Lucero (who helped to shape the world and is the projects costume designer), and will be utilizing the technical attributes of Jeff who will be DP and editor. We’ll be shooting a proof-of-concept five minute short June-11th-14th, and will use that to demonstrate a tonal feeling of a potential series as well as to showcase the production capacity of the team.
    The big news however, is that in the course of developing this materiel, and through participating in the burgeoning Michigan film industry, the project has found a recent academy award nominee who would like to help produce the finished proof of concept in that capacity of pulling meetings with networks and other major distribution arms to the extent that the series is greenlit to pilot (with the hope of being picked up for series).
    As you’ll recall Buzz, the story has a significant part that was written with you in mind. I know a lot time has passed, but I wanted to offer the role to you first, as you idealize the character.
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    Remember the other outcast on the other side of the globe when you get rich and famous.. Remember, I knew you when we were both the red headed bastid step children of the group..
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    Do I know you?

    he he
    This might be another fun project to look back on and smile. Folklore was fun and we were able to explore FMA in fight scenes.
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