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    Occasionally, you'll see FMA weapons as decor on tv and in movies. In 'Naked City', there are 2 kris hanging on the wall of a suspects apartment and the comedy series 3rd Rock from the Sun has an Igorot shield.

    If you like Exposure, check out Night of the Running Man, Fire in the Night, The Dangerous, Club Vampire, Kamagong, Mano Mano 3, Hawk's Vengeance, Vault, Pacific Connection, and Sticks of Death.
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    Grindhouse: Freddy Rodriguez with the double balisong.
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    Transporter 3 had lots of great martial arts action (though choppily edited--on purpose, apparently) including modified scarf/rope techniques with his suit. There was a staff scene (with an iron pipe from an automotive garage) but the techniques looked more like Wing Chun to me.

    Watchmen looks very encouraging from the trailer!!!
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    I didn't watch all of Hitman, but the sword fight on the train was pretty preposterous.
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    new movie...One Percent Full

    I checked out the youtube trailer of the movie. It looks pretty good from what I saw and decided to take a chance and buy the movie. Once it arrives, I'll let you all know if its good (meaning: realistic fight scences!)

    Speaking of movies with FMA in them, I went and saw the movie TAKEN with Liam Neeson. First off, the character that Liam Neeson portrays is pretty bad ass. He takes No prisoners at all!! The gun fight scenes aren't bad, some gun disarms that I don't know if I would attempt to do but hey, its hollywood. Towards the end, there is one character that Liam Neeson goes up against who happens to wield a korambit (and a rather large one at that). Of course, Neeson is fighting the guy empty- handed.
    Now, this is where I have to make a disclaimer on my part: since I was sitting in the very first row of the movie theater, I couldn't get a good look of the fight movements going on so it was a bit hard to tell on some of the action sequences.
    Either way, I recommened it. It has a good story line, good characters, decent fight scenes, and if anyone catches that korambit-like weapons wielded at towards the end of the movie, let us know.

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    Just a friendly reminder. When you are at the movies. It is best to take the middle or the one with a steep incline all the way in the back. Never sit in the side seats.

    Always sit in the center where you have perfect field of vision and good audio amplifying the audience. Go to the movies about 30 minutes beforehand to have guaranteed seats in the center.

    That way no one bum rushes you in the waiting line or they go running to grab the seats in the dark theater. :D

    With that said, Haven't been able to get a chance to watch " Taken ". Should be watching that movie soon ... :cool:
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    Angels & Demons.

    Nice though brief usage of a knife as a backup weapon by the principal enforcer character here...
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    Big Stan has several FMA scenes, including one showing double stick disarms. It's a Rob Schneider comedy that went straight to DVD in the U.S., BUT is surprisingly funny. Rob Schneider studies at the Inosanto Academy, and the movie has cameos from some Inosanto people, including Guro Dan himself (whose character Schneider literally kicks in the butt).
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    Eastern Promises has a great empty-hand-vs. knife fight, that many reviewers said will be a standard by which future ones are judged, but Viggo Mortensen is fully frontal nude throughout it... :(
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    The Eastern Promises scene was eye opening and if you like gritty prison fights, check out Felon with Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer. It's one of the few films were shanks are super small and concealable (see if you can find Kilmer's shank) and the fights were choreographed by an MMA trainer.

    If you don't care about realism in prison movies, there's Undisputed II with Michael Jai White an MMA flick set in Russia. Remember, parapelegics are the best people to practice leg locks on. ;)

    If you don't care about plot and quality, there's The Shepherd: Border Patrol with JC Van Damme. Fight scenes include a gun disarm into a flying armbar, backflip into an armbar, and some FMA palasut with a knife in the final fight.
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    Roel Banzon Robles

    Only in Hollywood
    Fil-Am designs ‘Christmas Carol’ characters

  13. arnisador

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    More on Roel Banzon Robles.

    Designing Christmas

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    The Book of Eli.

    On last night's Dave Letterman show, Denzel Washington discussed training with Jeff Imada, whom he identified as a student of Dan Inosanto although it didn't sound as though he had trained with him too, to do the fights in the movie.

    He also said that when he was 9 he took Kung Fu briefly.
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    REVIEW: ‘The Red Canvas’ (2008)

  16. I've certainly seen a lot worse M.A movies then this one.
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    Denzel was also on Jay Leno. He did mention training with Jeff Imada and Dan Inosanto for 6 months. When he mentioned Dan Inosanto Jay Leno said "I know him". It's pretty cool how many celebrities know Guro Dan. Guro is the martial arts advisor for Book of Eli. There is an article about it on Inosanto Academy's website. There are also a few of Guro's students in the film.
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    REVIEW: ‘The Book of Eli’ (2010)

  19. arnisador

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    I just watched "The Book of Eli: HBO First Look" on HBO and there were brief segments showing Jeff Imada doing some techniques and Dan Inosanto speaking about what a quick study Denzel Washington was.
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    FMA in movies...

    in "enforcers from Death Row," Leo Fong and the late GM Manong Angel Cabales did a short, but beautiful Serrada Free Flow... it's on youtube if you guys want to check it out... wait a minute.. here's the link:

    my take on it is that a lot of action movies show FMA because it looks good and it's actually pretty effective... however, all FMA (styles, that is) is too fast to be captured on film, so sometimes they have to "simplify" or "dumb things down".. nevertheless, it still brings a smile to my face when i see it on screen..

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