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    This movie has brief usage of a kerambit in mountain-climber style, to cut ropes one-handed. A knife is used as a weapon but only against a restrained opponent.
  2. arnisador

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    The upcoming film Doomsday (inspired by one of my favorites, Escape from New York) will feature:

    I caught the add and definitely saw swordwork but couldn't say if it was FMA-inspired or not.
  3. silat1

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    There are a couple of movies that come to mind when including the FMA. The first one included Cass Magda and Gary Daniels which was named "Hawk's revenge". It included fighting sequences from the FMA and Penchak silat which were choreographed by Cass.

    The second one was an old John Wayne movie during his time right after the second world war and was called "Return to Bataan" where a filipino used his balisong to take out a japanese sentry while on the Bataan death march to the prisoner of war camps which were located in Camp O' Donnell Tarlac and Cabuattan City.
  4. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I believe the movie was actually HAWK'S VENGENCE, easy mistake though. I've trained with Cass a few times in the past 2 years. He's very skilled.
  5. silat1

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    My mistake, been a few years since I've seen the video and the store that had it went belly up within the last month, so I guess that is one title that old timer's disease of CRS will put in the gray matter for future use
  6. gagimilo

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    That one the High Art (aka Exposure) with Peter Coyotte and Tcheky Karyo is the subject of my constant search (being that I have never seen any of those two), but alas, to no avail so far...
  7. arnisador

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    I enjoyed Exposure. I haven't seen it in ages though--I saw it on HBO many years ago.
  8. pguinto

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    I saw Exposure years ago too; its good for a sitting.
    the storyline gets dry fast and becomes extremely predictable.
    u might wind up rewinding to replay the 1st knife scene.
    it was quite interesting, and i thought the technique was an extremely dangerous move vs a seasoned knife fighter. it was my thought that he was lucky the guy with the knife didnt follow his thrust with a slash, nor did he know the "sewing machine" concept. however tcheky did look cool, calm, and very confident; props...

    for more info, click the link

    Also Known As (AKA):
    Exposure Canada (English title) / Sweden / USA (TV title)
    El Arte de matar Spain
    Arte mortale Italy
    Código de Luta Portugal (original subtitled version)
    Exposure - Die hohe Kunst des Tötens Germany
    Gran art Spain (Catalan title)
    High Art (undefined)
    Knife Fighter (undefined)
    Knivens egg Sweden
    Korkeimman kädessä Finland
    Kunszt Poland
    Sztuka zabijania Poland
    The Knife Europe
  9. silat1

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    The movie exposure was choreographed by Chris Kent from the JKD lineage.. There is the asterik cutting pattern outlined on a mirror where Peter Coyote is practicing his cutting lines on the pattern with a ruler and Tcheky Karyo is watching plus making comments..
    The movie also shows some good tapping and passing drills later on in the movie with sheaths still on the knives.. Then the live blade comes out later on.

    BTW: I have the movie :biggrinbo
  10. arnisador

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    Given how few good knife-fighting movies there are out there, I can't afford to hate this one!
  11. pguinto

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    haha arni, he said he has the movie, not that he hates it
  12. arnisador

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    Ouch! I misread it! Sorry...
  13. arnisador

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    We saw Wanted tonight. There was a knife-training scene and a later scene where knives (or short swords) were used, but it was very much fantasy martial arts.
  14. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Hellboy II: The Golden Army

    Lots of sword and spear play, but mostly fantasy style--maybe wushu influenced.
  15. Shonin

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    I saw Wanted last night and thoroughly disliked it. While scenes of a scantily clad Ms. Jolie are not to be discounted, the fight scenes, most especially the use of firearms, were utterly ridiculous. And while I both love a good fantasy, and have done my share of serious social work, a movie which makes a light hearted romp out of the wholesale slaughter of other living things, human or otherwise, just doesn't sit right with me.

    On the other hand, in the list of movies containing FMA I am surprised no one has mentioned:
    1. The stick fighting scene from the second Rambo movie, and
    2. Lucy Liu and her use of dual ASPs from Ballistic.
    The boards say she still trains in the FMA. Does anyone know who she trains with?
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  16. arnisador

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    Seen on MT.

    I'm not sure who Lucy Liu trains under, despite all the attention she gets!

    Here's another:
    Rachel Luttrell interview


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  17. arnisador

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    Frank Miller's "300" Video Diary 5 (Seen on MT).

  18. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    I was watching Rush Hour 3 (I know, I know, Chinese not FMA) and I realized, Hollywood doesn't seem to understand anymore that when firearms are used, people die or get mortally wounded. In Hollywood, a fully-automatic assault rifle is nothing more than a string of firecrackers. Nobody ever gets hit, even when the bad guy is unloading a whole friggin clip! Apparently all you have to do to dodge a spray from an AK is duck a little and run frantically up a fire escape. You'll be fine!
  19. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Naw, it's just that Chris Tucker's voice creates a sonic shield that protects him from bullets.

    Works for him in real life too, so I suggest this:
  20. 5tirosCamarin

    5tirosCamarin Katulong Guro

    Hahahaha is there anything these little smiley faces don't do?

    Chris Tucker probably has a 500 lb body guard that's a pro wrestler and a Lakan Sampo to keep him safe from bullets. Hold on while I see if there's a smiley face of a 500 lb arnisador... nope, couldn't find one. I did find a big pirate face though.

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