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    Tracking The Hunted

    Story on Tom Brown and the use of Sayoc Kali in The Hunted.

    Martial arts saved Ronnie's life twice

    "Ronnie Ricketts said his knowledge in martial arts has been helping him not only in his movies but also in keeping himself from danger in real life."

    Behind Bourne

    Matt Damon discusses his Kali training for the Bourne films (among other subjects).
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    It aired a while back. Footage of Haring Bakal, the Manilla Pitbulls(PTK) training the Philippine Marines, Black Eagle Eskrima, Bakbakan world heaquarters, Kombatan, Doce Pares headquarters, Mang Leo Gaje and Rommel Tortal playing with blades, Daniel Foronda taking the host Agimat shopping in Metro Manilla, things like that.

    Chris Crudelli was back in the PI recently but I don't know who was filmed or when and if it will air.

    BTW, the FMA isn't captured in one show but spread out throughout the entire series, so if you don't like kungfu, systema and other things, you'll just have to fast forward through those parts.
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    FMA in the New Movie Ultraviolet.

    MOVIES: 'Ultraviolet': 'Hollywood Do' at its best; Vampire flick features rainbow of fighting styles

    The new movie Ultraviolet will feature techniques from many martial arts. In particular, "[Milla] Jovovich also worked closely with [Robert] Alonzo on eskrima, a Filipino stick fighting style...". Wushu is also a heavy influence ('Mastering the skills, though, came with a price. "The funniest part is the worst injury I got, I gave to myself," says Jovovich (pronounced Yo-vo-vitch). "At one point during this big action scene, I had the sword spinning so fast and I end up stabbing myself in the leg."').
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    FMA on YouTube and LOTR Knives.

    Now Playing on YouTube: Web Videos by Everyone

    An article on and their vidos. "Like the Nike commercial, and the mesmerizing, disturbing "Knife Skills," in which a sullen young woman wields a butterfly knife at high speed, "guitar" is a display of unalloyed physical virtuosity that preempts criticism." I assume butterfly knife means balisong here but haven't looked for the video.

    From the Armory of Middle Earth

    An article on designing the knives for Lord of the Rings memorabilia, prompted by the new LOTR stage musical (no actual FMA angle, just knife design).
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    I think I saw a trailer where MI-3 had some sinawali going on, but it was real quick.
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    Back Door to Hell (1964).

    This 1964 film isn't a martial arts movie, though there is some simple military knife usage, but it was filmed on location in the Phil. It's about a trio of American soldiers in WWII who are preparing the way for Gen. MacArthur's return. I just watched it and it had some great scenery of the Philippines' jungle. There were numerous Filipino actors in it and a lot of their dialogue wasn't translated. I do not know if it was Tagalog or a regional dialect. It's most notable for a young Jack Nicholson, but worth checking out for FMA enthusiasts.
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    Xingu Rodil.

    Hollywood film to shoot in Manila next year

    See also the bottom of this page.


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    Not FMA, but Stage Swordwork:

    TEACHING GUYS THE MOVES: She's a master at stage fight

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    Being from California, I am especially attracted to this stuff... movie combat choreography (esp. the Blade trilogies) and even personal security.. hey sounds alot like what Grandmaster Uddin does for a living.. peep his bio on Wikipedia:
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    Boure Films.

    Show me the money

    Just a brief mention of this in the context of an Ocean's Thirteen review, but with The Bourne Ultimatum due out soon I thought I'd not it!
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    Bourne III.

    I just watched HBO's brief promo for the third Bourne film: The Bourne Ultimatum: HBO First Look.

    They showed a few scenes of him practicing FMA with Joey Ansah (who plays "Desh"). At one point there's a very clear gunting followed by what looks like a hubbud excerpt, leading into a wrist lock. Later in the fight is a nice example of elbow control by Matt Damon. He also used what appears to be a straight walking cane against two assailants, ending in a stick lock. (They showed him switching between identical-looking canes in a break in filming--perhaps one was soft for safety and the other harder for realism, and they were used in different parts of the shot?) At other points he used a hardcover book as a weapon and also used a cloth of some sort to block and then execute a wrap-and-lock, followed by a palm strike. There was also some more empty-hands work against various opponents. It looks exciting! I'll look forward to being able to TiVo it and watch the fights in slo-mo. :D

    It sounded like Joey Ansah was the main antagonist that he dealt with directly in the film, and was intended to be his equal. According to his biography, he studies Capoeira and Ninjutsu, and has trained with Maasaki Hatsumi. He did his own fight stunts and apparently Matt Damon did also.

    Jeff Imada was the fight coordinator. He described the martial arts used as "basically Filipino Kali, with a little bit of Bruce Lee's stuff tied in" but did not elaborate on what specific type of FMA was used.

    The Bourne Ultimatum Photos

    Trailers and pics here.

    Bourne and Desh:

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    Resident Evil: Extinction.

    Resident Evil: Extinction was not a good movie, but Milla Jovovich (why can't she get a half-way decent role--she deserves at least slightly better than this) does use what appears to be a pair of kukhris or similar for a while.

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    It seems she's been type-cast since doing The 5th Element.
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    Under Siege has excellent sequences in Kadena De Mano. Hadn't seen the movie since I was a kid but had to go out and get it just to watch the KDM parts when my Guro told me about it.
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    doesn't exactly have the same production values as flicks like the bourne-series or the resident evil movies but an actual FMA expert--Burton Richardson--shot a film in the Phil this summer. I think he stars and a bunch of his senior students also appear in the movie. not sure if/when it will see wide-release stateside but check out the trailer:

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