FMA in Hawaii.

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    Mahalo for that answer. Are there any Bahalana Schools in Hawaii ?
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    Bahala Na in Hawaii?

    Not AFAIK, but I'd heard that Dexter Labonog has a student who lives in Hawaii. I don't know who that might be, and whether he teaches. I have not spoken with Dexter in quite some time, so I'm rather out of the loop.
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    Aloha, there was an article about the late Snookie Sanchez awhile back. I surfed the web about him to see what style he learned and taughted but nothings coming up about his style, just how great he was. It just came to me that my good friend mentioned his name several years ago when he was training in KenKaBo under the late Professor Sid Asuncion. An instructor that learned from Snookie, Ian Beltran I believe according to the web was a direct student of Snookie. I also tried surfing for Ian Beltran and found that he teaches at O2 Matial Arts Academy in Aiea, Hawaii. Anyway, I am interested in learning the history for self knowledge of FMA in Hawaii. Mahalo FMA Brothers
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    I worked out with Snookie in Waipahu in the 70's. He trained in San Francisco with Grandmaster Ben Largusa in the late 60's.
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    If I remember correctlly, the Bahala Na student is Alex, Im not sure of his last name or if he is teaching. Met him once at the Tobosa class, nice guy!
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    Pat Amantiad's school?

    anybody knows when pat amantiad's school trains? i think his school is called "Hawaii Filipino Martial arts school".
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    I can check with a few guys and see if I can get the hours.
    I think they are still on Beretania.

    Im not how current this site is but perhaps the phone numbers still work.
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    Mchief C. Siangco, Mahalo for the input.
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    Just came back from vacation from Hawaii. My son and I got to compete the Pedoy's tourney "Pacific Islands Showdown II". It was great lots of local talent. Got a chance to meet up with old friends and make new friends. Great hospitality from Ray (Bandalan DP) and Greg808 (Pedoy's Escrima). If anyone goes to Hawaii for vacation or to compete, the local hospitality is awesome. They (we) treat everyone with respect and show what Hawaiian hospitality is, 100% respect and grinds. I had a chance to have lunch with Greg808 and one other pedoy student, great grinds at Thelma's Filipino Food in Waipahu, Hawaii.

    FMA in Hawaii is growing and it's there with great talent. Just to point a few there are 2 Maui fighter that will be going to the WEKAF Nationals and 2 2006 WEKAF Invational fighters that placed.

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    I know this isnt FMA related but just in case others are interested Olelo also has programs on the following:

    11/13/2007 6:30:00 PM Kempo Karate Martial arts instruction.
    11/13/2007 7:00:00 PM Fighters' Club TV #54 Mixed martial arts sports news magazine.
    11/13/2007 8:30:00 PM 50th State Judo Assoc.:
    Aiea Hongwanji Judo Tournament 50th State Judo Association judo tournaments and seminars.
    11/14/2007 25th Anniversary hawaii Okinawa Karate-Do Shudokan Part 2 Martial Arts (Karate)

    Just adjust the times and you can view it online at:
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    Mahalo & Aloha

    Faafetai Robert for the links. Maybe we could encourage some the kine Villabrille / Largusa folks out there in Hawaii nei ?? Hele mai post on this or the Pedoy forum about whats going with your ohana and Hawaii FMA in general. More Hawaii FMA info on these forums is all good. Mahalo plenty
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    Back in the Day in the BAY

    1984 San Francisco ( I'm on the right side (4th behind)( 3rd from front)Robert Castro , Tony Davis & Mila Davis ( also PG Sultan Uddim is in the photo towards the back-middle)with GGM Angel Cabales ( Serrada Escrima )
    Ahgung Tony Ramos/Kajukenbo & with Tuhon Ben Largusa [​IMG]
    Yes you could say that, the schools in [​IMG]Stockton & Hawaii work together in a coalition thats what I've heard. I met Ted & Tanya Lucaylucay in the 80's, his wife Tanya and I are 'ohana', her grandfather did ' moro-moro' style his name- Telesporo Subing-Subing. I was living with Ahgung Tony Ramos (Kajukenbo) in Fairfield around 1983 when GM Davis had the Inosanto seminar at Solano College. I had come to Fairfield ,Ca. in 1974 after I had been discharged from the US Army, it was at that time I first met Anthony Davis , who one day would become GM Anthony Davis, he started his search for 'eskrima' after several conversations we had about the subject as I spoke to him of the martial arts in Hawaii besides Kajukenbo, in his quest he got in contact with Dan Inosanto & Richard Bustillo, the rest is history. It was GM Anthony Davis that brought Dan Inosanto, Cass Magda, Jaime Finch & Ted Lucay-Lucay to Fairfield,Ca. to do a seminar at Solano Community College in 1983. GM Davis had previously hosted Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo in Ohio in 1981. [​IMG]( Guro Ted Lucaylucay )
    Then later that year Ted & Tanya Lucaylucay did seminar in Suisun ,Ca. at Kenpo Master Bill Chun's school that GM Davis had sponsored with the 'kokua' of Master Bill Chun Jr. Ted and his Dad ( 'Lucky Lucay-Lucay' ) already knew Ahgung Ramos from the 60's in Los Angeles when Ahgung Tony Ramos opened his first Kajukenbo school there.
    It was at the Solano Mall where Dan Inosanto and Cass Magda were demonstrating 'Kali' when GM Davis and myself met the future Master Wade Williams a student of GM Angel Cabales at the time, who came to represent GM Angel Cabales from Stockton and to support the event. Then in San Francisco in 1984 GM Davis scheduled a Dan Inosanto seminar which at the very last minute Dan could not attend, thats when GM Angel Cabales showed up with his Stockton crew to save the seminar. GM Gilbert Tenio & Master John Eliab attended as well as GGM Al Novak, Master Bill Tolentino and Wushing Tai Chi Master John K. Wong. Thus brought us in contact GM Angel Cabales and 'Serrada' escrima. From Ted I learned the 'Kali ' way as well as how GM Angel would do similar techniques, then thru GM Anthony Davis I received first-hand experience with GM Cabales by being the 'uke' at GM Angel's house(the Charter Way house) when I would give GM Davis a ride to Stockton from Fairfield for Davis' private lessons from GM Cabales. It was also in 1984 that GM Davis and myself first met the one day GM Robert Castro, whom at the time had no background in Filipino Martial Arts he has been trained by both GM Davis ( Serrada) and GGM Ernesto Presas( Kombatan) he went on to develop his own hybrid combination of Kali, Serrada Escrima & Kombatan arnis called "Eskabo Daan". He did have previous experience in Goju Karate thru his brother Rolando Castro who trained from 'Cat'Yamaguchi. Then in 1985 we met Guro Jeff Finder after doing a demo with Angel at GM Max Pallen's karate tourney in San Leandro. Being born & raised in Hawaii I had been exposed to Hawaiian kine escrima, but I credit Guro Ted , Dan Inosanto, Jaime Finch,Uncle John K. Wong,Uncle Tony Ramos, Tasi Alo Jr. ( my Dad) ,Uncle Imo Alo, Uncle Faitala Alo, Uncle Neff Maiava, Uncle Peter Maivia, my cousin Mosooi Alo, Uncle Al Lolotai, Uncle Tigi Mataalii, Uncle Tino Tuiolosega, Uncle Clarence Lee, Uncle Sonny Palabrica, Uncle Charlie Kalani, Tony Arneho, Billy Nipp, MC Chris Siangco, Art Dacoscos, Max Kincaid, Derek Ahsing, Dean & Larry Jackson, Dennis Alexio & Tony Bee & Anthony Davis for preparing me for GM Angel Cabales & Pedoy's Derobio Escrima I am blessed because now I am learning & connected to Pedoy's Derobio Escrima thru a friend & classmate. God thru my past history has prepared me for this great & unique style of escrima. Thats how I remember 'back in the day' ! Aloha !
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    Found classic clips on youtube:
    Many thanks to the poster of the clips!
    Verbiage is from the clips on youtube.

    Legendary moro warrior Telesporo Subingsubing capture in this rare clip demonstrating his double stick, multiple attackers and some dumog. Shot in Hawaii circa 50's-60's? (Unverified)

    This is a copy of some footage shot in hawaii. I don't know who this practitioner is but basd on the clothing, houseing and camera I would guess that this was shot around 1950-60's, in Eva Beach or Waipahu.Demos some single stick twirling, defense, counterattacks, sinawili, disarms, dumog, knife disarms
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    Sure Point Knife Sparring from a tournament in Maui.

    Sure point knife "sparring" match, different type of knife scenario using blades with paint on them, "reality check" both people would have been sliced to pieces, one might possibly have bled out faster. It makes you see that with a sharp blade a person could get cut to pieces before the body had time to participant primarily has an MMA background, the other is from a South East Asian martial arts background

    The gentleman with the white beard in the middle is Master Ron England from the Ola'a-Nalo Eskrima School. This may be footage from the 2nd Annual, 2008 Filipino Martial Arts Maui Open Tournament.
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    The young men of the Shangko Fighting System, Joshua Carrington and Timothy Abrigo, demostrate soft stick sparring under the instruction of Grand Master Lennie Siangco.

    Fellow students of the Shangko Fighting System, Timi Abrigo and Joshua Carrington preparing for their soft stick sparring at the Barrio Festival 2008. Grand Master Lennie Siangco referees the practice

    Quinn (5 y/o), Emily (10 y/o), Thomas (12 y/o), Timi (13 y/o), Josh (15 y/o) preparing for the Maui Barrio Festival 2008. Using real machetes "live blade", is part of the advanced training done in the Shangko Fighting System under the tutelage of Grand Master Lennie Siangco.

    FYI - Lennie Siangco is the brother of Chris Siangco both carry on the Derobio System as well as Grandmaster Tyrone Takahashi.
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    Wow, lots of good stuff there!

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