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    JKD Concepts-based FMA classes as taught by Daniel Arola in a school just down the street from the Yadkin Rd Gate entrance into Ft Bragg and the 82nd Airborne. FMA training base focuses on full contact weapons training and sparring with padded and live rattan sticks.

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    Backyard stickfighting gatherings 2006

    Beginning 4/23/06 on Sunday at 2PM is the 1st of the DAMAG-INC 2006 seasonal gathering in Fayetteville, North Carolina for fellow players in the stick and knife fighting circuit. For anyone else who is also a FMA player nearby who is interested, reply to this post for more information and directions to come and "Stick-around".(*FMA: FIlipino Martial Arts)

    What to bring: Your own gear-sticks, training daggers, other safety equipment is optional but helps. [i.e. hockey gloves and fencing masks for sparring, and other protective gear will also do -mouthpiece, forearm, knee, & elbow pads, cup & supporter, etc] Bring refreshments if you like. Must stay hydrated.
    To confirm or if you have any other questions, pls reply at
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    Be sure to give us an update on how the event goes

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    Fighting tireman dummy training.

    It took some screws, washers, nuts, a powerdrill, rope, hacksaw and my SOG folding knife to construct this training apparatus in 3 days. The link below is the video showing myself and Rigger Josh training on this thing.


    Can you DIG IT?!!!

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    DAMAG INC [downloadable] 2006 FMA Demo video

    Filipino Kali Combatives training as taught by Daniel also featuring (some of the boys from Ft Bragg) Jaime, Jon, Josh, and Jason with music written and performed by guitarist and FMA'er, Jason Couture who is also seen in this video. This is DAMAG-INC in 2006 as filmed in Fayetteville & Ft Bragg, NC
    DAMAG-INC Filipino Kali Combatives 2006 Demo with downloadable option on page.

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    May 2006 in-class padded stick sparring

    This piece was filmed last May 2006 of Sean, Josh and Jaime sparring with padded weapons consisting of rattan stick wrapped and duct-taped in pipe insulation foam. We still spar with live rattan sticks on occasion and it does remain optional. Sometimes I mix rattan vs padded stick also.

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    thanks for posting the videos of the sparring and training equipment.

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    June 2006 video soft stick and live rattan stick sparring

    Jaime is the guy in the white t-shirt that is in every match in this video. This was just a little bit of the video filmed during his level 4 rank testing.
    The first guy Jaime spars with is Sean McLaughlin. The one in blue shorts and knee pads is(not so bad in his early 40s) Steve Wooldridge from SLC Utah and I'm the one in black. The guys doing the short doublestick sumbrada piece in the opening segment of this video are Rigger Josh and Jason Mills

    Here's the longer version of Myself and Jaime from the video above:
    This was one of many rounds of the sparring portion for Jaime's level 4 rank testing with the DAMAG-INC school which he had succesfully passed!


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    DAMAG-INC 2006 Kali Combatives video presentation (Boom edit)

    I'm glad to read the feedback of both sides concerning this video. All the participants in this video (excluding myself) are all enlisted military personnel stationed at Ft Bragg and the 82nd Airborne. All the soldiers in the video (except 2 others, a rigger and a MP) are Special Forces guys that have been deployed to the "sandbox" (Iraq & Afghanistan) and have been there more than once. These guys are trained warriors, and to them this type of training is alot of fun and challenging. I take personal delight that these guys were even willing to go all-out the way we did. Most civilians would wince away from this type of training and they don't last too long as students. The training in our group is approached in a hardcore combative and dynamic approach with an equal consideration for SAFETY to avoid unnecessary injury in order to continue training. What I like even more about our approach in the way we train is that we MAKE NO EXCUSES for our desires and aim to become better fighters.

    Click the link below to view video:

    This video is a revision of both the DAMAG-INC 2005 and 2006 promo and demo videos in presentation format. DAMAG-INC Kali Combatives as taught by Daniel Arola in Fayetteville, North Carolina just down the road from Ft Bragg and the 82nd Airborne. Training emphasis via full-contact sparring and attributes drilling with sticks, knives and empty hands in all the ranges of head-on combatives, streefight proficiency and self-defense.
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    Videos from Monday, August 8, 2006

    This round is one of many warm-up rounds with padded sticks prior to Chris' first time experience in sparring live with real rattan sticks.
    Chris is the one in the lighter colored t-shirt and Rigger Josh is the one in the gray.

    Fraz and Chris G are seen in the 1st round of this video. This is their first time ever to spar with the live rattan stick and full-contact. Rigger Josh jumps in the 2nd round with Fraz and then takes the 3rd round with Chris. The contact is real and so is the evidence at the end of this video. ...
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    Most home-made padded sticks I've seen have been 100% padded...the dog-on-a-stick method you're using might be more comfortable!
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    Got to say that If nothing else...You sell yourself and your group very well. I like the approach that you have (Conceptual method)and you guys seem to train well.

    Keep the faith!

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    Last Monday(Sept 25), Chris and Fraz tested for their level 2 rank test.
    Here are some of the clips of the sparring portion of their test.The first clip shows them both sparring for the first time with two sticks. They've drilled with two sticks before but never have sparred with doublestick, so I had them do it anyway as part of their test. I think they did a very good job for their first time sparring double stick style.
    In the second clip, Fraz spars with Jason Couture with the single stick and in the third clip below, I jump in spar with Chris with the double sticks. We had fun that evening. They both passed by the way. Congratulations to both of them.

    Chris and Fraz Double stick sparring

    Fraz and Jason Single stick sparring

    Daniel and Chris Double stick sparring


    Daniel Arola

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    I couldn't believe my eyes when it happened! [​IMG]
    Months ago I was asked by the publisher of FMA Digest to submit a write-up about the DAMAG-INC Kali Combatives group to put on as an article in a future issue of FMA Digest. Anyway, the links below will lead to the latest issue of FMA Digest which has the article about DAMAG-INC. [​IMG] I encourage all members of this group to subscribe to this online magazine.


    Please be patient downloading, large Issue.

    Click or paste in your address browser the link below to download your copy:

    Mac users:

    Acrobat Reader Printable:

    For those who have DNL - (DNL file is a data only file (therefore resistant to computer viruses) but requires the end-user to have plugin/viewer to view it. It is also a slightly smaller download than the other type of files because it does not have the viewer built in.):

    DNL plug in download -

    1297 Eider Cir.
    Fallon, NV 89406
    [775] 423-3253

    FMAdigest -
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    This is great! I have the issue but haven't read it yet.

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    Sparring demo matches from the Festival

    DAMAG-INC as seen at the 28 Annual Fayetteville International Folk Festival demonstrating full-contact sparring with rattan sticks as part of the Filipino Martial Arts demo representing this year's host country being the Philippine Islands!

    DAMAG-INC Sept 24, 2006 Full-Contact sparring demo


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    DAMAG-INC Kali Combatives Sept 24, 2006 FMA Demo Highlights

    Highlights of the FMA Demo at the 28th Annual Fayetteville International Folk Festival held in Fayetteville, North Carolina. DAMAG-INC Kali Combatives was there to represent this year's host country, The Philippine Islands. Special Thanks and acknowledgement to Jason Borean for filming and Liz Vasser and The Arts Council for inviting us.

    DAMAG-INC Sept 24, 2006 FMA Demo highlights

    Daniel Arola

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