FMA in Arizona near fort Huachuca

Discussion in 'General' started by Beungood, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Beungood

    Beungood New Member

    I may be going back into the Reserves and require some schooling out in arizona at Fort Huachuca and was wondering if anyone had any information on FMA in the area. some of the towns near it are Benson,Sedona and Tucson..
  2. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    There is an Oscar Mendoza of Progressive Arnis - 7320 N. La Cholla Blvd. #164 in Tucson -

    There is also an Edgar Cordova of Modern Arnis in Tucson. (no contact info avail)

    Also Tucson Filipino Martial Arts Academy - 1414 N 1st Ave in Tucson -

    I have no idea how up-to-date this info is. Good luck with your search. BTW, Sedona is nowhere near Ft. Huachuca. Sedona is about 2 hours North of Phoenix while Ft. Huachuca is about 4.5 hours South of Phoenix.

    If you are interested there will be an FMA Gathering in Phoenix. More info HERE

  3. tkdbadass

    tkdbadass New Member

    Guro Mike Casto from Sikal and high rank in Doce Pares.
  4. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    True, Guro Casto is in AZ but he's in the Sedona area, not close to Ft. Huachuca.

    To the OP: Oscar Mendoza can be reached at

  5. William

    William Mongrel Combative Arts

    Hey Bro,

    What's the possible date for heading out? I think Neil wants another shot at you before you go.;)

    Take care Jack!
  6. JRC

    JRC New Member

    The North American Tang Shou Tao ( is based out of Tucson. While it is largely an internal chinese martial art society, San Miguel Escrima has historically been on the curriculum (I would imagine from Tom Bisio). Not sure how often it gets taught, but it doesn't hurt to check. :) Check their website for information.

  7. Beungood

    Beungood New Member

    Hey Big Guy,

    well being that I have been out since 2001 and I am 46 ,i have a few hurdles in the way and will need a waiver. I have to gather my medical records they are forwarded to a surgeon, then I need to pass a SSBI and obtain a TS clearance and maybe take the ASVAB again. and then go to AZ first. Probably a few months minimum then whenever they get a school date that fots with my job. If I had my druthers id want to go out there during the cold weather...

    Tell Neil Im not gone yet and theres plenty to swing at!

    Stay Safe Bro!

    Jack O

  8. Beungood

    Beungood New Member

    Hey Big Guy ,still have a few hurdles to get through before its locked in. But the key people remember me from the last time I was on active dutyand have been really good to me. Ill tell you more offline..

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