fma digest issues.

Discussion in 'General' started by kevin hand, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. kevin hand

    kevin hand New Member

    hello everyone! happy thanksgiving in advance. and happy birthday to bruce lee as well for those who were fans! i have a question about the fma digest. i have seen a few pdf's of some copies of it online. does anyone know where i could go to download all the copies? is it still being produced? i have the pdf files on my phone and read them on breaks while i am at work. thanks for any help or suggestions. kevin hand.
  2. kevin hand

    kevin hand New Member

    ok. i answered my own question by doing a search on here. found out they are on usa thanks ahead of time.
  3. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    It has evolved to FMA Informative. Many of those issues can be found here.

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