FMA Demo 1992- LSAI

Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by chamber, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Mang Ben

    No doubt thats Mang Ben (GM Lema), I think the foreign visitors are participants in the 2nd WEKAF (1992). Excellent footage!

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    1992 Video

    I just spoke with my uncle Edwin via long distance, he told me the story behind the video, they were with Mang Ben that time but they were hungry and went to look for a place to eat, Mang Ben did not go with them, so when Mang Bens turn came to do the demo, he was looking for Guro Elmer who unfortunately was still eating with his brother Edwin. Thats is why you can see on the video GM Lema doing a demo without Guro Ybanez. Just sharing the story. Happy New Year Everyone!
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    thanks for the info supremo!
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    Many,many happy memories of Mang Ben,Master Elmer and many other Lightning Masters no longer with us and the year was 1992.
    I miss those times.

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