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    USMA Director of Combatives.

    Traits of a warrior topic at conference

    West Point Director of Combatives Jason Winkle, formerly of Terre Haute, IN, discusses a combative mindset.

    He formerly taught escrima and other martial arts at Indiana State University. I am constantly meeting people who knew him before I moved to Terre Haute! I was not able to attend the meeting, however.
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    Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, mi has had a FMA credit course since 1982- Kuntaw/ Filipino Martial Arts course number PE 148

    Introduction to the history and philosophy of the Filipino art form Maharlika Kuntaw. Kuntaw emphasizes flexibilty and agility rather than power or strength and is based on the use of flowing circular strike / counter strike defense. Training includes use of arnis (sticks), basic blocks, strikes, kicks, Anyos (forms) and self defense.
    //Instructor Brian Smith, 5th Degree Black Belt, Kuntaw ng Pilipinas
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    That predates any other FMA college program that I'm aware of by almost a decade. Very nice!
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    That's what we were told , they did a search for a precident to allow them to set it into their cirriculum, they found none. But, they were impressed by the idea and included it.
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    A colleague said recently that she had taken a P.E. class in Filipino stick-fighting at the University of Iowa. I wonder if it is associated with their Lameco club (contact info. cached here)?
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