Florida PTK Seminar with GT Gaje - June '07

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  1. abdon

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    The seminar was FANTASTIC!!!!!!! We all had a great time! And yes, we are all quite sore!!!
    My thanks go out to Dino for making the seminar happen, Clint, Art (who made me an unofficial honorary PILIPINO!!!) and the rest of the gang who attended, also many thanks to Gabriel Martinez for taking the time to train with me and give me some well needed pointers, and of course many thanks to Tuhon for coming to Florida!!!
    Hopefully you will return for MORE INTENSE training!!!!!


  2. nosyac

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    Tuhon mentioned this, "...your heart is Spanish, your tongue is American but your hands are Filipino..."

    Right on brother!

  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I love this attitude! I think my hands are Filipino too!
  4. DM03

    DM03 New Member

    Many, Many thanks to all...


    It is with great appreciation that I write to say that our long planned seminar with GT Leo Gaje was a success! Moreso than I could have imagined 3 months ago. I received such amazing support from all over the state of Florida and it was a true honor for me to meet the many martial artists from various styles and systems and varied walks of life. My thanks to Tony Torre from Miami for his early and continued support and creative mind, to Arthur Villanueva for his steady and persistent training with me, his friendly disposition and true pride in his heritage, to Clint Cayson for graciously accommodating our guest with world-class lodging and keeping Tuhon company when I could not, to Abdon Borges whose enthusiasm and sheer excitement was motivation enough to put on the seminar and for opening your home to us - Thank You, to Victor Rivera for an incredible venue for our event, the Phillipine Consul General in Ft. Lauderdale, our distinguished guests Abon Baet and Jun DeLeon, Neil and Helena Cauliffe, American Dragon in Coral Springs, LaVonne Martin and her students from Sarasota, Paul Carter and Company from Jacksonville, the Tarrago Brothers from Miami, Roberto and Javier Morales of Orlando and all of our participants and guests who helped to make this a memorable gathering and for the spirit of cooperation and encouragement that, for me, made this seminar special. A special "thousand thank-you's" go out to Mataas Na Guro Gabriel Martinez and his incredible wife Marisa for everything they did this past weekend to help keep me sane and allow all the small details to come together seemlessly. I cannot say enough how everyone appreciated your being there at the seminar.

    Lastly, I extend my gratitude to Grand Tuhon Gaje (aka the Grand TITAN) for doing what you do better than anyone else, for sharing your family's treasure with us and giving everyone in attendance an experience not soon forgotten. We all look forward to you return soon and hope your time in Florida was excellent!

    So glad we all could meet and train together as friends in the art...

    Dino Martinez
  5. Florida "the New Champs" Dino, Abdon, Artville, Clint , Neill, Lavone and the new PTK champs allow me to congratulate all of you for having more than 30 people during my seminars although the typical Consul General of the Philippine Consulate made his maiden speech for the first time among the crazy martial artist extending his invitation to come to the Philippines, the atmophere of the blistering sun that first day inspired each one to stay one more day to continue the real experience and training.

    One more time around, nag Dino for the next time around. Gt gaje
  6. artvilla

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    salamat tuhon ! you know that was a labor of love and dedication for the indegenous art of pikiti and of course the opportunity to experience the training under your direction. I think the Consul General himself was taken aback by the intensity of your training as well as your proud representation of our national heritage,culture and rich filipino history....
    at that moment and time we had all the attendees focused and intent on listening to both of you as you describe and relate the true filipino experience...the life in the islands, the cultural influences and most of all its greatest asset the filipino people.

    florida ptk will continue to grow strong under the leadership of dino and we support his efforts to promote ptk in this state in the spirit of brotherhood and lifelong learning...

    we are always proud and ready to welcome you to this side of the world ...

    mabuhay ka tuhon!!!

    mabuhay ang florida PTK...
  7. abdon

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    Florida PTK Pitbulls!!!!

    What a SWEET concept!!!!!

    We can make it happen!!!!

    Go Dino Go!!!


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