Florida PTK Seminar with GT Gaje - June '07

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  1. DM03

    DM03 New Member

    Greetings to all...

    Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, Jr. will be joining us here in Florida to conduct a two-day camp on PTK combat skills and blade tactics. We welcome him to the Sunshine State with great enthusiasm and extend an invitation to all those seeking an opportunity to train with this Legend in the Filipino Martial Arts.

    When: Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 24th

    Time: 10:00AM to 5:00PM (both days)

    Where: Red Reef Park
    Boca Raton, Florida

    Contact: Dino Martinez (727) 612-3402 or dinomartinez@hotmail.com

    Pre-register by May 20th: $180
    After May 20th or at the door: $200 ($100 either day)
    Credit Cards are accepted for this event
    Accomodation information is available upon request

    Please feel free to contact me for an e-flyer of the seminar or with any questions.

  2. artvilla

    artvilla New Member

    i have attended a seminar conducted by tuhon leo gaje and tim waid the experience was definitely an eye opener, it allowed me to see the true filipino fighting arts at its indigenous level, the proven and tested system of ptk where every situation is addressed. the transition from impact weapon utilization ,its applications into the blade and open hand attacks. the counter attacks in coordination with the dynamic mobility makes it hard to be hit. these are just a few of the training that i experienced under tuhon and mr tim waid.

    count me in ,reallyexcited to hear his coming to florida!!!!

    mabuhay ang pilipino!!!!
  3. abdon

    abdon New Member

    Hello to all!!! I too am REALLY excited about the seminar!!!

    Several of the students from the academy where I train are going to attend and we are all very excited about training with Tuhon Gaje.

    Does anyone know who will be coming with him? Romeo Tortal? Tim Waid?

    Looking forward to meeting all who attend the seminar!!!

  4. DM03

    DM03 New Member


    Greetings! Great to see you posting! We are really excited to have you and those from your school join us in welcoming Grand Tuhon to Florida.

    Both Rommel Tortal and Tim Waid will be occupied that weekend, but there is the slight chance of our being joined by another very special guest. No promises as it is too early to tell but I am excited about it!

    Keep checking back for updates and looking forward to seeing you, artvilla and others in June.

    Best regards,

    Dino Martinez
  5. abdon

    abdon New Member

    Sounds good Dino!!!
    We are really excited about the seminar, and I am sure it will be a success!
    I for one have "spruced up" my training these days so as to be ready for the seminar!!!
    Seems like we are going to have a GREAT summer!
    Also, Dino, do you hold classes/training on the weekends in Tampa?
    If so, what days, and do you accept "visiting students"?

    Thanks again!!

  6. DM03

    DM03 New Member

    Updates and Announcements

    Greetings again to all on the forum!

    Hoping all is well with everyone...

    I am very pleased to announce that Mataas Na Guro Gabe Martinez of the San Antonio PTK Pitbulls will be flying in to join us for the weekend seminar. Guro Martinez is a long-time private student of Grandtuhon Gaje and brings a great deal of experience and expertise in both the weapon and empty-hand aspects of Pekiti-Tirsia. We are honored to have him in attendance and appreciative of his support. You can visit his website at www.ptk-pitbulls.com.

    This is an exciting summer for FMA in Florida and we look forward to seeing you there!

    All the best,

    Dino Martinez
  7. abdon

    abdon New Member

    All I can say is I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
    gonna be an AWESOME summer!

    GM Canete and Zach Whitson on the weekend of June 16-17,
    Grand Tuhon Gaje and Tuhon Gabe Martinez on the weekend of June 23-24,
    Guro Dan Inosanto on the weekend of July 14-15


    I'm kinda excited about it!!!!:biggrinbo


  8. artvilla

    artvilla New Member

    ilang tulog na lang , darating na si tuhon.... kailangan magpalakas at maghanda para sa pagkakataong maranasan and bagsik ng pikiti, sakit buto, sakit katawan pero ang lahat ng ito ay may katutunan ang maging mabagsik na mandirigma,walang inuurungan ang laban ay patas sabi ni tuhon, bilog ang rattan at lapad ang kalis ang iyong pagamit nito ang siyang magsasabi kung sino ang magwawagi.
    mabuhay ang pilipino
  9. abdon

    abdon New Member


  10. artvilla

    artvilla New Member

    translation: not word for word....

    in just a few weeks tuhon will be here, despite the anticipated intensity of training which i know will result in sore bones and muscle, i look forward to the opportunity to experience the training from a master, pikiti is mabagsik meaning totally fierce. in combat they do not retreat, they simply fight in order to preserve life dignity and honor and he said this the last time i met him, the stick is round the blade is flat, prove it in the battlefield.

    salamat for the interest ,
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  11. artvilla

    artvilla New Member


    sorry this is the translation but not word for word...
  12. abdon

    abdon New Member

    Thank you very much for the translation!
    I too have heard that his training is very intense and very demanding, which makes me all the more enthusiastic about the seminar!!!
    I am truly looking forward to the seminar, and to meeting and training with fellow Pekiti Tirsia afficonados.
    It's going to be an awesome experience! I feel honored and priveleged to have the opportunity to train, if at least for 2 days, under the Grand Master of the art which I so enjoy.

    Less than a month now!!!!!

  13. Wayuk-Oyaak

    Wayuk-Oyaak New Member


    I got this from a flickr account... the place looks cool... Although being living in another continent is impossible for me... good luck all you guys training with Tuhon Gaje!
  14. abdon

    abdon New Member

    Man, just about one more week to go!!!

    Getting REAL excited about the seminar!!!!!


  15. DM03

    DM03 New Member


    Hoping everyone is doing well. With a week to go until our seminar with GT Gaje, I just wanted to thank everyone that I have personally spoken with or written to for the TREMENDOUS support and excitement for our event. What started out as a small, local endeavour has grown to encompass most of the state of Florida, with participants from Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota, Miami, Coral Springs, Titusville, etc. Tuhon Gaje is very eager to arrive and bring to Florida the Combat Survival Technology presently in use today with the Marine Recon and Special Action Forces in his homeland.

    Thank you again to everyone who helped to make this weekend possible and we hope to make it not only a memorable one for this year, but an annual event in the years to come!

    With great appreciation,

    Dino Martinez
  16. DM03

    DM03 New Member

    Important update!!

    Hello everyone...

    For those that will be using Mapquest or Google for directions to Red Reef Park, please use this address:

    1400 North Ocean Blvd.
    Boca Raton, FL 33432

    Please make note of this as this is the only address that will work for these search engines.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks again...

  17. nosyac

    nosyac New Member

    Hey all that are coming to the seminar!

    As added info from Dino's post for this weekend, you can check http://www.weather.com/ and put the zip code (33432) for the weather report.

    I'm sure all is well... Thanks.
  18. JMD

    JMD Cyber Ninja

    How was the seminar. I wish I would have known about this earlier.
  19. artvilla

    artvilla New Member

    ptk- florida seminar

    to sum it up in one word.........

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! check out the pictures to be posted, everyone is too sore and tired.... thanks again to everyone who attended and made this event a successful one.

    salamat po mga kaibigan,
  20. nosyac

    nosyac New Member

    We had great time with Tuhon... first day (morning) was so hot at 92°F without any clouds on sight. We were very fortunate that Victor Reviera who helped us use the Boys & Girls Club in Delray Beach. the second day was another intense training... the food, we don't forget that. the people who participated the event are all professionals... we thank you for your support and made it successful.

    We'll hope that Tuhon will be back soon. Again, we thank you for your support.

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