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    An update:

    Still doin' the 5 x 5, but doing interval work quite a bit too.

    Been spending lots of time at a boxing gym... there's a workout!

    Started adding "real world" strength to the mix as well. Pushing cars 200 yards at a time for several sets, etc. Flippin' tires some too.

    On days when I don't have much motivation to figure out a workout, I go to crossfit and get the WOD. Did that today... 6 sets of 400m run/25 burpees (for time). Didn't think much of it at first but it turned into a real test of endurance before I was done. Then 2 hours balintawak training... I was wore out by the end of it all.
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    try this for 90 days
    no more
    no less lol


    day 1
    joint mobility warm up
    tgu 10 minutes 16kg or less for all tgu work(lock the elbows for your own health and well being, keep your shoulders packed and lock the elbows)
    swing or snatch work (vo2 protocol can be used for swings as well, rest in the rack if you use the swing)

    day 2
    joint mobility warm up
    tgu 10 minutes
    clean and press + pull up(add weight if you can perform 20 dead hang pull ups with bodyweight) or dead lift(60-70% of 1rm) on the 5 ladders of 1-5 rungs (or pistol if you can on alternating days, the pistol is awesome!, the cossack pistol, jumping from foot to foot at the bottom position, is a leg conditioner that Pavel himself recommended to me last time I saw him at a cert and I complained about my legs being somewhat deconditioned in jkd nao tek drills)

    day 3
    joint moblity warm up
    10 minutes tgu

    day 4
    joint mobility warm up
    active rest all day, pick a joint per hour and moblize it as the day carries on

    back through the cycle

    stick and kick to your hearts content during the program but be wise about where it fits with the strength and conditioning, whichever is more important should take precedence

    add in some extensor work for your hands, try explosively opening hands in buckets of rice or water, this will keep your hands healthy and balance the flexor/extensor muscles, fend off tendonitis

    work that for 90 days and get back to me, you will love the results I promise

    you can gtg with whatever you like during the program, joint mobility, stick work, foot work, swings, get ups, snatches, pull ups, blah blah blah
    work gtg for skill practice and you will get a really well defined skill

    the club swinging is a bonus, though, I would investigate some of Ed Thomas' work on the subject, both from a martial perspective and that of health and wellness, also, keep the weight low for the clubs, think 1-5lbs and the length between 2 and 2 1/2 ft, they can put a lot of stress on the shoulders and forearms if not used correctly or if the weight goes too far up

    on the tgu, that gentleman means well, but remember to Lock the Elbow and keep the shoulder packed, you will thank me and so will your shoulders
    try the tgu with a water bottle with 1" of water in the bottle and the top off, balanced on your closed fist, when you can nail that all day on both sides equally without getting wet, move to weight but keep it less than 16kg unless you are going for something other than mobility and stability, frankly I know pro mma cats that rarely go above 16, and usually it is to 24kg and very very seldom does anyone go above for regular use (occaisional feats of whackiness are fun though, even I have succumbed to the 1/2 bodyweight get up lol)

    hope that makes sense

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    I actually have a set of small sledges like in the video from former roomies- will those serve the purpose of small clubs as long as I'm mindful about my ears?
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    sure thing, you can use em to do lever work as well, check out Adam Glass on you tube, grip strength is something that guy has a goo handle on ;) pun intended

    seriously strong hands

    you may think of card tearing as well, starting with 10 cards and working up to a full deck, its excellent pinch/crushing grip practice and tension work, and its fun at parties, and it may well win you a drink in a bar lol

    besides, if you get into the pinching etc (kinne mu tao?) it works well

    the hierarchy of strength imo is as follows


    how long can you swing a stick?
    not long if your grip goes south
    now add stress and another human intent on doing you harm, whether it be for competitive reasons or otherwise

    breath, grip, trunk, neck, legs

    that leaves technique/skill and acclimatization to the environment (stress induced hormonal cascade)

    once you have that sorted, you are sure to be at least in the top 10 percentile of practitioners from a pure proficiency standard

    check out the library of congress, they have video clips you can watch of old time strength and conditioning stuff, there is a clip of some kids in Hyde Park elementary from the 20's working clubs, awesome!

    also, if you can lay hands on a tire from a local garage, you can set it on the floor and beat drum style with the sledges, grip/impact/endurance all in one go

    just remember this though, the body adapts to exactly the stress we put it under, all the time

    all the body all the time
    always and exactly

    I think I may need to pen a quick article for my blog lol
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    Cool. My instructor and a bunch of other people have started a crossfit group in the mornings(when I'm at work), so my performance goals are "whatever they get in attributes from the WOD......+1"

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