Finding the Positive Out of a Forced School Relocation

Discussion in 'FMA Academy' started by Guro Chris, Dec 9, 2015.

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    As some know, my school the FMA Academy has gone through a location change.
    Originally we were in a building that wasn't in the best of locations. (No foot traffic, less than ideal neighborhood, shared space with limiting factors, and to be quite honest poor attendance.) It did have a low rent which was ideal for starting out.
    Our landlord was recently cited by the city zoning board as not being zoned for multiple tenants.
    Because of this, I've gone 'back to the roots' so to speak in the respect to the old backyard training methods.
    Instead of having regular classes, I now teach private and semi-private lessons out of my garage which is in the process of being converted over into a training room.
    All of the students from the previous location have signed up for private lesson slots and I've even seen the return of some that have been away for a while.
    While it may appear to be a step backward to some. I'm personally enjoying the ability to focus and train the students individually to meet their needs. I have advanced students working together, some focused strictly on street combative aspects, others wanting to learn the entire Inosanto Lacoste system, while some focus on the Panantukan curriculum.
    All in all, it has thus far turned out to be working quite well.
    And as for seminars, I've had an offer from a local colleague to use his space if I'm unable to acquire my own.
    My thanks to those who have supported me during this transition.

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