Finding a Good Martial Arts School by Mike Webb

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    Finding a Good Martial Arts School by Mike Webb
    By Bob Hubbard - 10-14-2009 01:25 AM


    Finding a Good Martial Arts School
    by Mike Webb

    Finding a good martial arts school is more about finding a skilled instructor than it is about finding a particular style. When looking to take martial arts classes your main focus should be on the people who are running the school, especially if you are looking for classes for your children.

    Their are many styles of martial arts but no style is right for you unless the instructors are right for you. A good martial arts school will have friendly, helpful instructors that know how to develop the best in you no matter what type of art they are teaching. Your first goal should be to seek out the best people, not the best style.

    If you are looking for a particular style to study you should get acquainted with the staff of that actual school before you make any decision. The martial arts are a life changing pursuit that many people don't realize when they begin. Many arts are based on a religion but most are built on philosophy that should help improve your mental and physical abilities. Seriously take into account who will be teaching you and, or your children when looking for a good martial arts school.

    A good martial arts school will allow parents to watch classes at all times. A good school will allow it's students to bow out of certain activities that they may feel are uncomfortable or unsafe for their own well being. The school should have the proper safety equipment available such as safety mats and sparring gear. A good school will provide discipline but not abuse, offer fun and exciting classes that teach not only physical skills but life skills as well.

    Finding a good martial arts school doesn't mean looking for the one with the most trophies. Look for smiles on the student's faces, look for pleased parents; find out the biggest benefit the school has to offer. Is this school teaching students how to be street fighters only, is winning tournaments their main goal, is the school's motto "only the strong shall survive"? Or is this martial arts school teaching focus, confidence, how to get along with others, how to de-escalate situations, how to be a leader, among other positive traits offered at many martial arts schools.

    When looking for a good martial arts school find out what that school's most important goal is for you or your child. That will determine the integrity and professionalism of the school in question. Your martial arts journey should be a positive life changing experience, make sure you are entrusting it to the right people before you embark on that path to Black Belt!

    Mike Webb is the owner and Head Instructor of the Okinawan School of Karate with two locations. Mike is involved in the community as the Scoutmaster and Cubmaster for the local Troop and Pack. Mr. Webb earned Citizen of the Year for 2009 in his hometown for his work with kids in the public schools teaching his Bully-do program.


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